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Sherwin-Williams White Paint Colors: 15 Choices to Complement Your Life

 best sw whites reviews

I routinely observe homeowners getting confused between the different types of whites.

Does it happen to you as well? Are you in constant confusion trying to figure out the differences between two kinds of white paints?

Well, let me tell you, Sherwin Williams white paint colors are no exception! 

But don’t worry! It’s pretty common, and it happens to almost everyone (at least all those who are not color consultants and design experts!).

Jokes aside – I understand if you are among them, so that’s why I recommend reading this guide very carefully!

It’s true, there are various types of SW colors that are labeled as “white”.

With so many possible options, I want to narrow down the field and cover some of the most important and “best whites” available to choose from Sherwin-Williams.

We’ll cover the ones that are specially formulated to compliment other SW colors and enhance any color palette you might be considering.

But before I dive deeper into that, let’s first discuss specifications, typologies, and what SW whites truly to offer.

This will help you decipher, evaluate and ultimately choose the best one for your project and needs.

Painting the Picture White

Obviously the lightest paint color of all, the color white in digital light on our screens and TVs is actually created by combining red, blue, and green at an equal amount.

Call this harmonious mixture “pure white” or “true white”, if you will.

full white rgb

How white is made on a digital screen. For paint, these colors are added to a white base to create various “flavors” of whites.

And since this equal blend essentially cancels out its contributing colors, it doesn’t have any hues.

The true white will simply not incline to any of the undertones – rather it’s stringent about its own identity. 

Now, the above is only to illustrate how we might perceive white and the many shades it can come in when it comes to paint. 

In other words, you don’t mix red, green and blue paint to get white. More on this in a moment!

Whites in our decor lends to an absolute timelessness and authenticity no other can offer.

They practically get a pass at not having to adhere to any specific interior design style and can be incorporated literally anywhere and everywhere. 

home example white paints

What’s so great about manufacturers like Sherwin Williams is that they’ve formulated many of their colors to best pair with these whites.

Also, their experimentation with various shades of whites will leave you awestruck!

sw white swatch collection

And so, these above-mentioned qualities make this color collection a super great option as bases and neutrals in our homes.

So, let’s get our hands on the lightest colors of the SW palette. 

Solving the Mysteries of SW White Colors

Whites have a lot to convey! Really! Just like Sherwin-Williams Grays – they too have cooler and warmer tones.

You see, a white doesn’t always have to have to be “perfect” to be white.

But when you start with white, and begin to introduce any or combination of the colors mentioned above, you start changing the tone of the white. 

sw white differences

And this is why most of you get confused when choosing the “correct” white for your home.

Whites can be creamy as well as crisp – Sherwin Williams provides many for each one of them! 

It’s good to have these choices, but it helps to gather information like you are now.

You need this knowledge to save yourself time and headaches, with results that make you say “wow, this color scheme looks amazing!”.

The Power of Undertones

So, what are you looking for when it comes to the tone of your whites?

Here are some examples:

If you plan to add more blues, greens, and purples in your palette, you want your whites (via trims, cabinets, etc.) to be a cool-toned white.

This paint will appear more crisp and clean and at the same time will exhibit a colder feel in your space depending on how much you use.

Best of all, it will compliment those cooler-based colors just mentioned above, whether they are in your other paints, furniture, carpets, flooring, accessories or accents.

On the other hand, if you’re running with reds, browns, yellows, and taupes you’ll want a warm-toned white that carries one or some of these same underlying hues.

This paint will appear more creamy and cozy while exhibiting a warmer feel in your space. 

white color blend gradation

Showing the concept of how adding color to a base white creates warm and cool white paints.

But don’t be too dependent on these undertones as…

Lighting Matters

I often say that lighting plays a major role on any paint colors. It further tends to overpower the true undertones with its saturation – whether warm or cool.

This us huge!

So, the light saturation of your pendant lights and chandeliers have the potential to alter the appearances of your Sherwin Williams White paint. 

The number of windows, which direction they face can impact too.

This stuff is variable as well, since the sunlight shining or bouncing through in the day time is going to make your walls look different than at night when you have your artificial lighting up.

How do you deal with this?

Honestly, this is where samples come into play. We all know that getting some sample colors that are close to what we like at least on paper or screen is the final test and verdict.

It used to be we were forced to buy small cans of paint and go through the process of painting patches on our walls. Now, we have Samplize!

I love Samplize because for a few bucks you can get the sample colors you need and temporarily put them on your walls to test against your other colors and of course that crazy lighting.

Grab some samples of SW whites from Samplize early on in the process and you will be thanking yourself!

Best Places to Use Sherwin Williams White Paint Colors?

white walls south facing room

It is time to look at the layout of your home and observe the compass directions! What direction(s) does your room face? North, east, west, or south?

I recommend using this paint in any of the rooms as far as you know what type of paint you plan on using.

For example, in the case of a warmer white, try to use it in either north or south-facing bedrooms and living rooms.

On the other hand, in the case of a cooler paint, I prefer to use it on either east or west-facing bedrooms and living rooms. 

To be assured, try examining different paint samples in different lighting conditions to determine how the color would appear. 

Read on to see more examples of where to use this paint specifically!

Best Sherwin Williams White Paint Colors

Now comes one of the most awaited topics to talk about! Isn’t this what you’re waiting for?

So, here I will be discussing some of the best white paint colors that are also quite renowned in the interior design industry. 

5 Most Popular

Here are the SW choices that really do get a lot of love.

Let me just say that while whites have gotten more popular lately, I wouldn’t classify the color as a ‘trend’ as it appears to be more of a necessity in a space!

Sherwin Williams Alabaster:

SW alabaster single paint chip

One of the most popular, Sherwin Williams Alabaster is a creamy warm toned paint color with deep yellow-beige undertones.

With an LRV of 82, this paint has the potential to make your spaces look larger than they already are – by simply pushing away the walls and ceilings.

So, if you want to add a cozy vibe to your space, you can definitely incorporate this color.


I also urge you to get acquainted with the RGB and HEX Values that are as follows:

Red = 237

Green = 234

Blue = 224

HEX Value = #edeae0

Try using this color in more warmer interior design styles such as Bohemian, Japandi, French Country, and Modern Farmhouse.

This color also plays a great base and neutral in homes!

To find out more about SW Alabaster, check out my full review.

Sherwin Williams Pure White:

SW pure white single paint chip

Pure White is pure beauty!

It is totally poles-apart different than SW Alabaster. You know why?

Well, that is because this is truly a pure white, it doesn’t align to the warmer or the cooler tones.

So, if you are planning to choose a white-white, this color is definitely recommended.

Find out more about SW Pure White in my article here!


Lighter than the former, this paint has an LRV of 84 – which falls extremely on the lighter end of the scale.

It’s also important to understand the associated RGB and HEX Values that are as follows:

Red = 237

Green = 236

Blue = 230

HEX Value = #edece6

This color is a great option especially for ceilings, trims, and moldings. It will further help protrude out your accent and base paints. 

Sherwin Williams Snowbound:

SW snowbound single paint chip

SW Snowbound seems like a warm toned color at the first glance – but the truth is that it really is a cool toned off-white paint color.

With an LRV of 83, this paint magically makes your space look larger while pushing the walls away from each other.


Here are some of the associated RGB and HEX Values that you must know:

Red = 237

Green = 234

Blue = 229

HEX Value = #edeae5

I don’t recommend this color for ceilings or trims as it may end up misleading the observer regarding the color palette of the room. 

Check out my complete guide on using SW Snowbound here!

Sherwin Williams Natural Choice:

SW natural choice single paint chip

Comparatively the darkest of them all, SW Natural Choice is a creamy and cozy off-white paint that has deep beige undertones.

With an LRV of 73, this paint can make up for a great base as well!

If you have a dark and daring room – this color can even play an accent!

Check out more details on my SW Natural Choice guide now!


Here are some of the associated RGB and HEX Values that you must know:

Red = 227

Green = 222

Blue = 208

HEX Value = #e3ded0

However, you must know that this white paint can play really tricky in a space.

So, be careful around planning your contrasting color scheme. 

Sherwin Williams High Reflective White:

SW high reflective white single paint chip

Literally the lightest paint color in the Sherwin Williams paint deck, this color is also one of the brightest.

(Make sure you apply a primer paint for walls before using this one!)

Generally being used on the trims and ceilings, this color exhibits a crisp touch to a space.

I wouldn’t recommend using a lot of this color in a single space at the same time – rather use it only to protrude the other hues.


Here are some of the associated RGB and HEX Values that you must know:

Red = 247

Green = 247

Blue = 241

HEX Value = #f7f7f1

TIP: You can order stick-on wall samples for any of the above colors. It’s the most convenient way and truly helps you choose the color(s) that look best in your OWN space. Order at Samplize now!

5 Next Most Popular

Sherwin Williams Shoji White:

shoji white info

White paint with a slight pink touch, this feminine color is a great fit for all the sober and subtle interior design styles.

With an LRV of 74, this paint plays a great role as a base in rooms with accents such as browns, blush colors, as well as other earthy tones.

Find out the full scoop on SW Shoji White in my guide here!

Sherwin Williams Origami White:

origami white info

A warmer white and pastel, SW Origami White is a beautiful paint color that exhibits a great balance – well, neither too creamy and nor too crisp. It’s quite similar to SW Toque White in that way.

With an LRV of 76, this paint can also be used as a neutral or a base in homes to make the spaces appear larger than they are.

Check out my full guide here!

Sherwin Williams Extra White:

extra white info

The color functions exactly like its name – extra white!

Falling on the cooler side of the scale, this color can be used on the ceilings as well as the trims and moldings.

With an LRV of 86, you can also use it in smaller apartments located in warmer areas to invite a cool vibe. 

Find out all about SW Extra White here.

Sherwin Williams White Duck:

white duck info 1

One of the timeless whites, this color is absolutely beautiful with a perfect blend of whites and warm beiges.

This color has an LRV of 74 – thus, falling on the lighter end of the scale.

However, know that this color looks amazingly gorgeous when used in double-heighted spaces!

I have a full guide on SW White Duck and the similar Aesthetic White from SW, if you want to learn more! Or check out the best SW Beige colors here if you’re inclined to these warmer tones.

Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice:

crushed ice info

Like the name suggests, this cool-toned white exhibits absolute crispness with a deep admiration for grays.

This color is a great fit for homes to feel colder that are located near the Equator or by the ocean.

Also, you can use this color in Coastal Interior Design styles as bases and neutrals. 

To find out more, check out my full guide on SW Crushed Ice here.

***Make sure to test out any of these amazing colors with a sample you can put up right in your home. Pick up samples now!

My Personal Favorites

These next choices are some my go-to SW whites I’m excited to share.

Sherwin Williams Greek Villa:

greek villa info

One of the go-to paint, I like how the warmth of this color can play a soothing magic in your spaces.

It’s creamy texture can further create a warm and welcoming experience for the visitors.

Here is my complete guide on SW Greek Villa.

Sherwin Williams Egret White:

egret white info

Not very popular but definitely worth trying, this paint has a comparatively bolder backdrop as compared to the other whites.

However, it definitely adds depth to your spaces. 

Find my full SW Egret review here.

Sherwin Williams Eider White:

eider white info

Another popular paint I recommend and use frequently, this cool-toned white is a great way to introduce a fresh and wholesome vibe indoors. 

See my full guide on Eider White here!

Sherwin Williams Creamy:

creamy info 1

Similar to SW Navajo White, a go-to warm white paint, this color has deep yellow undertones to feel bight and overwhelmed in your spaces at all times.

Do try it! You can learn more about SW Creamy in my guide here.

Sherwin Williams Casa Blanca:

casa blanca info

A perfect neutral to Boho Chic homes, SW Casa Blanca is a beautiful white paint to enrich your homes with utmost coziness! 

Grab some samples of these colors to see how they’ll look in your own living environment. Order real paint, peel-and-stick samples!

Inspiration and Examples

SW Spare White paint on the exteriors help exhibiting a perfect contemporary touch.

This traditional-styled home is a perfect example. 

This transitional style living room looks beautiful in a warm white paint color that is a 50/50 mix of Sherwin-William whites.

Doesn’t it simply appear warm and welcoming?

White paints like SW Alabaster shown here are essential for an open space concept plan.

Isn’t it simply timeless?

Not only the bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms but also the hallways and stairways deserve a touch of white!

I love this example of SW Pure White in action.

Off-white bedrooms are the most soothing ones!

Here, you’ll see the ceiling & trim color is Sherwin Williams SW7005 Pure White (semi-gloss).

Would you want to come back home to this panorama and relax? 


Now that we have discussed the major aspects and types of whites, do you feel confident in incorporating any one of them in your homes?

Well, I would say SW whites are pretty and timeless!

So, whether it is the hallways or the exteriors, bedrooms, or the living room – whites speak for themselves at each and every point! You just have to give them an opportunity!

Also, let me tell you, whites can align to almost any and every color.

Pick up your favorite white now and don’t forget to let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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