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Meet the Team Behind KnockOffDecor

Here at KOD, we have many contributors when you factor in the hundreds of DIYers and their creative projects we’ve showcased over the years.

On top of that, it takes a vast amount of experience and expertise to deliver the knowledge behind the content for our home decorating and home improvement topics.

Simply put, we couldn’t do any of this without the passion, competence, and writing and editing abilities of our in-house contributing team.

Learn all about them and more below!

nishtha photo

Nishtha Sadana LEED, WELL AP

Architect | Interior Designer & Decorator | LEED Green Associate | WELL AP

Nishtha is an Interior Designer and Decorator, and Paint Color Consultant. After graduating from Architecture school, she traveled extensively across the world in search of her true interests and passions while meeting people from different backgrounds, cultures, and mindsets.

Ever since she realized her passion for designing thoughtful spaces, Nishtha has spent most of her time decorating homes, helping homeowners pick the best paint colors, and writing about interior décor best practices.

She embraces the feel of maximalism as well as minimalism which is why she doesn’t restrict her work to a particular style – rather, loves to explore every inch of those opposites while resonating with the upcoming latest trends – year by year!

Even though she loves bold accent walls and quirky wallpapers, sometimes pastels are what she truly admires. Nishtha also actively runs her own E-Design business to connect with homeowners all across the world and help them transform their homes into beautiful havens!

Learn more about Nishtha:
NISH | Linkedin | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

nishtha photoBeckie Farrant

Serial Blogger | DIY’er | Designer | Entrepreneur

Beckie loves being inspired by other creative people. She loves reading DIY blogs, perusing thrift stores, and devouring the decor catalogs that arrive at her doorstep each week. She drools overs over perfectly placed tablescapes and oogles over the gorgeous use of fabrics and colors in pillows, bedding, and curtains.

As Beckie says, “I dream of table top vignettes. It is like eye candy for my creative soul.”

As the original creator of KnockOffDecor back in 2010 (and stepping away in 2016), Beckie’s goal was to inspire other DIY design and decorator folks. Nothing brings her more delight then when one of her readers emails a story and a photo of something they made because she inspired them!

Beckie’s imprint is forever etched across KnockOffDecor, and we couldn’t be more proud to honor and pay tribute to her inspiration!

Learn more about Beckie:
Website | Facebook| Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

nishtha photoKimberly Chaffee

Sewing & Quilting Enthusiast| Store Owner | Instructor | DIY’er 

Kimberly Chaffee loves, loves, loves to create. You’ll find her main passion in what she calls, the wonderful world of quilting!

The world of quilting involves many techniques like applique, binding, cutting, color theory, and more. With 30 years of experience, Kimberly shares her creative know-how through writing, educating and running her pride and joy quilt shop aptly named, Kimberly’s Fabric Stash.

We’ve been delighted by Kimberly’s contributions to KnockOffDecor over the years as she’s helped to uncover some of the web’s most inspiring DIY decor creators and their unique projects.

You can explore a wealth of Kimberly’s favorite projects on our site here but you’ll get even more by visiting her store and social media channels, where she shares some amazing fabrics, her quilting classes and her always heart-warming support.

Learn more about Beckie:
Website | Facebook | Pinterest | YouTube | Linkedin

nishtha photoAlana Shinn

Blogger | Thrifter | DIY Decorator and Crafter

We just love reading and soaking up Alana’s DIY project findings throughout our how-to spotlight library. Each seems to always capture her passion for revamping secondhand throw-aways into new and inspiring gems.

Alana not only loves turning old clothes, accessories and furniture into brand new items, she loves to share her creations in decor, style, gifts and more over at her blog ThreadBareCloak.

Alana resides in New Zealand where she appreciates the glory of nature and self-sufficiency (she lived in a yurt home for seven years!), and spending her time creating, building, decorating, writing, gardening and anything she can immerse her creative soul into. 

Learn more about Alana:
Website | PinterestFacebook | Instagram

nishtha photoJana Aplin

Copywriter | Content Editor | Blogger | World Traveler

Jana’s writing magic goes back many years, and we’re so fortunate to have her prose and editing prowess adorning many of our posts here!

She’s a prime example of how wisdom, depth, and open-mindedness go along way no matter what you pursue in life.

And in addition to her love for creating things at home (for her house in Tennessee and to eat!), Jana is a world traveler galore. Along with her husband Brett, she spends many months a year trekking around Europe, living (and loving!) places like Switzerland and Italy.

Best of all, they have a passion for sharing their accumulated tips and vast experiences. You can read all about it on their blog Aplins in the Alps.

Learn more about Jana:
Website | Linkedin | YouTube | Instagram | Pinterest

nishtha photoKirea Irvine, M.Ed.

Former Store Owner | Instructional Leader | DIY’er 

Kirea has lived in the hustle-bustle of New York City as well as the vast desert sprawl of the great South West. These locations merely represent her diverse background and the breadth of experiences she has brought and infused into the numerous posts she’s authored here.

Additionally, Kirea spent many years running her own online store “Sol + Spirit” designing and handmaking beautiful products, like semi-precious jewelry, dreamcatchers, and hand-dyed tie dye garments.

Her life is continuously takes her on new adventures but she’ll always have a love for working with her hands at our favorite intersection of DIY and creativity.

Learn more about Kirea:
Linkedin | Facebook | Instagram

nishtha photoAmanda Hevener, M.A. History

Writer | Editor | Photographer | Historical Researcher

If there’s one thing Mandy loves to do, it’s combing her affinity for history with writing. With a deep educational background in history and journalism, she brings a unique lens in which to view home decor and a wide variety of possible design choices.

It’s no secret Mandy adores interesting, vintage and eclectic approaches in homes. And the older, the better! Want to gaze through old wallpaper patterns? Or trendy tile designs from the past? She’s in!

And when you bring this strong historical flavor and insert its timelessness into today’s broad swath of home decorating styles, it’s a truly unique and inspiring experience. This is why we’re so delighted to feature Mandy’s content contributions here at KOD.

Learn more about Mandy:
Linkedin | Twitter