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Monday 5th of December 2022

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Monday 5th of December 2022

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Monday 5th of December 2022

Hello and Wow! I just found your website and love it already - thank you. :) I read your review of the SW whites and hope you can help me decide on a paint color. After Accessible Beige came out Accessible GRAY in our low lit north facing home, I keep stalling on a paint choice. I'm not one to pay attention to decor/color, but when I came home to GRAY walls, I felt a physical depression and since learned that color does impact people. (Our neighbor is an architect and chose AB as it's been such a popular color, but it looks like rainy Seattle in our Atlanta home. HA)

I love warm greens, corals/oranges (even rusty red), turquoise/teal (more green and less blue), and even khaki/beige if there's no gray in it. Which SW off-whites go best with my color preferences and will make rooms look bigger that won't go grayish?

Also, for bedroom walls with low natural light with my above color prefs, I'm looking at SW Rice Paddy (which looks dull), Honeydew (which looks too cool), and Springtime (which looks yellowish). I like Primavera and Lime Granita, but they're too much color. OR should I just go with an off-white since the bedspreads and curtains are colorful?

I appreciate those of you who can make color decisions as this is almost painful and definitely not fun. HA Thank you so much for any help/guidance you can give me. My husband may decide if I don't (eek!). :)

Warmly, Peggy


Sunday 4th of December 2022

Hi, Thanks for your post on the best SW black paints!! Do you offer virtual paint consultations? I want to update my lower kitchen cabinets but want to know which black I should use since my countertops are a black granite (with some slight green undertones).

thanks! Looking forward to hearing from you! ~ Aisha


Saturday 3rd of December 2022

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