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Here at KnockOffDecor we love beautiful pieces of home décor.

We are inspired by tablescapes in designer catalogs, we love beautifully textured pillows, and we adore the ambiance the right curtains and perfect paint color on the walls can bring to a room.

We are head over heels for cute desk decorations and brightly colored vases, and we have a soft spot for pretty planters.

And we certainly can’t resist pulling all of this décor together through color-schemes as we paint the canvases of our walls, augmenting the many aspects of our homes and lives.

All the while, striving to save a little money money and enjoy the thrill of creating something beautiful with our own two hands!

KnockOffDecor is here to help you to be inspired by the talented designers that create and produce beautiful home décor products and looks and how we can design and decorate a home we absolutely love.

We feature DIYs and tutorials from capable and artistic bloggers who are inspired by expensive designer décor pieces.

We feature every kind of décor project and home improvement adventure, from paint color reviews, frames and pillows, furniture and curtains, painting and home improvement how-tos and tips.

We hope to inspire you to create your own beautiful home!

If you’d like to reach out for any reason at all please use our Contact Page here.

And if you’d like to get know the team behind KOD, check out our Team Page here.

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