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15 DIY Headboard Designs for a Fabulous Looking Bed


Warm, cozy, and covered with fluffy blankets. Plush pillows and comfy pajamas. This is what dream beds are made of!

You may not include a headboard in your description of the perfect bed, but I bet you’d be disappointed if there wasn’t one!

Take heart, head boards are essential to a complete bedroom set and simple to come by.

Wood, canvas, fabric, doors, screens. You name it and I think we could craft one into a fashionable headboard.

Need inspiration?

Check out the roundup of our 16 favorites from Knock Off Decor.


At first thought, wood is the easiest and most common material for a headboard, making it an easy DIY.

Horizontal boards, chevron patterns, knotty pine, or rustic pallet wood are all excellent choices.

Remember how powerful paint and stain are!

Your local hardware store can match paint/stain to your existing bedroom furniture, which means that you weekend project makes a wooden headboard the perfect addition to your bedroom suite.

If you’re super imaginative, play around with the shape. No need to stick to a traditional rectangle. Cut out shapes, curve the corners, or design a pattern all your own.



Wood is great because you can find it everywhere!

Pallet is obviously a great and very popular choice right now. But expand your horizons.

Go hunting at your local flea market for old doors. (Even a half door works, and is a great solution for a bed in front of a window since it won’t block too much natural light.)

I’m a fan of beadboard, so that is my natural go-to wood for many projects. It comes in easy-to-work-with sheets and looks great in every color of the rainbow.

Not to be excluded from this category is old shutters or tabletops!


wooden door, beadboard



Want more style than just wood? Fabric is the next best option and pairs well when framed with wood.

Besides endless color, texture, and pattern options, fabric supplies the ability to tuft to your hearts desire!

Many buttons create a classic and elegant look. Fewer buttons in a geometric pattern may be the exact modern taste you’re after.

Don’t overlook the power of nail heads either! Display a fun design, line the edges with them, or line a simple border.



These classy cut outs are amazing headboards! One is made from an old folding screen (brilliant idea!).

But to make your own, find a cut out pattern at your local craft store and back with wood.

The yellow and white headboard below is fun and cheerful with the pop of yellow behind!

If you’re lucky (or if you look hard enough) you might come across a gem that is already a geometric pattern, probably as a metal headboard.

Spray paint works wonders if you dive an antique like this, and your room will forever be extra stylish!



There is always an other category for unique items that don’t quite fit the mold.

These “other” headboards are covered in a seagrass rug and shaggy rope.

As someone who would never think to use these materials, I am super impressed! (If you own a beach house, these are perfect for you! Please try this and share your results with us!).

Headboards also stretch beyond a traditional bed. Cribs and daybeds are included in this category, and would look extra fresh with a posh headboard as well!



You spend hours per day in your bed, so why not make it look fancy and stylish!

What does your headboard look like? Do you prefer classic designs like wood or tufted fabric? Does your room have a modern geometric flare or beachy seagrass feel?

There are unlimited possibilities for headboard styles…which ones have we missed in our roundup?

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