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10 DIY Home Coffee Stations

The coffee quotes are endless!

“But first…coffee.” 

“All you need is love and coffee.”

“All I need to today is a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus.”

If you like/love/can’t live without coffee, then you probably have a favorite quote etched in your brain and evidenced in your life!

So if coffee is so vitally important, and a regular part of your daily routine, why not create a dedicated space for coffee?

Yep, today we’re talking all about coffee bars and coffee stations! (P.S. Don’t miss the bonus coffee decor ideas at the bottom of this post!)

Coffee Station Essentials

Before we get into the fun designs, we need to talk basics. Here are the essentials that you need to store in your coffee station:

Coffee maker. This one is obvious, but you need a spot for your Mr. Coffee, Nespresso, Keurig, French press, etc. And no longer will this daily used appliance be stuck in a corner! (“No body puts Baby my coffee pot in a corner!”)

Coffee. Yes, this too is obvious! However, mix up your type of coffee. Select quality coffee beans from different locations. Have light and dark roasts. And both caffeine and decaf are a must! (Hint: variety packs of coffee make great gifts!)

Carafe. If you’re going to sip and chat a while, then you’ll want to keep your coffee hot for seconds. So pour your freshly brewed java into a carafe and come back in an hour for your next helping.

Coffee Cups. Maxi mugs, Irish mugs, tea cups, or demitasse, you need space for all varieties of cups! Don’t forget the saucers either.

Spoons. Need to stir in some sugar and milk? Have little spoons handy.

Napkins. To wipe your mouth or to catch a spill quickly!

Sugar, milk, and cream. Everyone likes different varieties of coffee. Have options for yourself and your guests! Have regular sugar, cane sugar, and a substitute, such as Splenda. Stock up little jugs of skim milk, 2%, and cream. Splurge for a few fancy flavored creamers, too!

Coffee Station Ideas

Now, on to the fun part: coffee bar and coffee station ideas!

Instead of paying nearly $2000 for a beloved Pottery Barn cart, make your own for less than $70!

Long and narrow, classic yet modern, this coffee cart would be an excellent addition to every kitchen.

Even if you aren’t a fan of copper, what’s not to love about this piece?! Rods and S-hooks are the perfect way to hang your coffee mugs.

And I love how the Irish coffee mugs sit on top of the shelf, as if that space was created just for that purpose!

Notice the tray complete with your coffee station essentials, plus their pour-over and French press!

If you like the concept of the last design, but wish it had more bells and whistles, then this DIY coffee bar is for you!

Wider and more spacious, it can host all of your cups, plates, sugars, and creamers.

It’s minimalist style can hang on the wall of any space to save room.

Some coffee snobs lovers just require more equipment for their refined tastes.

Therefore, their coffee station isn’t complete without some sort of cabinet with ample storage space, like this one.

coffee station

from lianaterry

Some kitchens come with just enough room for a coffee corner.

Don’t worry, you can still make that corner into a special place! Add baskets, trays, jars, and canisters to complete the coffee corner look!

You’ll have plenty of room for your favorite coffee maker. If you don’t have one yet, go find one and perch it in the center of your new coffee corner!

Caution coffee lovers – you may fall in love with the coffee hutch! It’s a large, statement piece that is sure to house all of your coffee accessories.

Any old hutch with do, because you can give it a face lift. Remove doors to create open shelves. Paint it and update the hardware. Then have fun stocking it with your coffee essentials!

If you are hunting for a mini coffee bar, this DIY is for you. Basic, simple, perfect.

Coffee makers go on top, cups and coffee below. It’s got everything you need, including style.

Don’t worry, having a huge collection of coffee mugs is totally normal for coffee lovers.

It’s time to stop being ashamed of your cupboard full of mugs. Display them all on the wall! Craft a shelf to fit your mugs perfectly.

Now, you can literally see all of your options as you pick out the perfect mug for your morning cup of coffee.

Bonus: Extra Large Coffee Bars

Because regular coffee stations are awesome, but extra large coffee bars are a dream come true!

This re-purposed dresser and extra long shelves are the perfect combination for a feature coffee bar.

The dresser bears plenty of storage, leaving the shelves for frequently used items and adorable coffee decorations!

The dark stained cabinets and chalkboard combination just make your home coffee bar feel like a cafe!

A lengthy countertop can hold your mugs and coffee makers, while the chalkboard can display what’s on the coffee menu for the day.

The coffee bean jars perfectly adds to the ambiance, too!

More Coffee Decor!

If you’re not dreaming about coffee yet, here are a few bonus ideas that will enhance every coffee bar to the next level!

This DIY coffee art print would look great next to your coffee maker. Print off your favorite quote, add a few coffee rings and drips, and you have a natural piece of art!

If your coffee station has a few bar stools or arm chairs nearby, complete the feel with coffee sack pillows!

This is an easy DIY that will carry the coffee mood throughout your room.

Rustic shelves could complete your coffee bar, and are simple to make! Perfect for your coffee cups and saucers.

These adorable little wooden crates would perfectly fit your Keurig cups, spoons, or packets of sugar!

What a great DIY addition to your coffee station!

from KnockOffDecor

We’re crazy for coffee! How about you? We loved a well-stocked coffee bar with cute coffee decorations and DIY touches.

What does your coffee bar look like? Share your pictures and inspire us with your DIY creativity!

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