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12 Unique & Creative Ideas for Ceiling Medallions

Say bye-bye to boring ceilings! Make your friends’ jaws drop as they gaze upon your cool, unique, awesome ceiling.

Be adventurous by extending your design taste to your ceiling. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

1. Paint It to Your Taste

Have you found the perfect medallion, but hate the color? Paint can work wonders, and will add a dramatic flair to your ceiling.

You don’t have to be a professional artist to change the color. Just add some details to your medallion with an air brush or a regular one.

2. Classic White Ceiling Medallion

Crisp, clean white is classic and stylish. It blends into your white ceiling yet adds depth and artistic character. Feel free to go big, wide, and large with a traditional white ceiling medallion!

3. Barrel Ceiling Medallion

Are you a whiskey or wine lover? Then your house needs this.

Simply slice the top (or bottom) off of a barrel and attach to your ceiling. Be sure to place holes where necessary for your light fixture.

Yes, rustic and elegant – this barrel is the perfect blend of both!

4. Clock Ceiling Medallion

I have a thing for clocks. I always want to know what time it is, plus I just think they are pretty. So why have I never considered placing a clock on my ceiling?! I have now, as a medallion in my study/office!

ceiling medallion

clock ceiling medallion

5. Painted Compass Ceiling Medallion

Travelers, explorers, and history lovers will appreciate the sophisticated and precise design of a compass surrounding their light fixture. I can picture this in an adventurous little boy’s room or a travel agent’s office. How about you?

6. Re-purposed Iron Scroll Medallion

Iron scroll art is a common decor item in homes and offices. Snatch up a large design and attach to your ceiling for a funky, attractive, simple ceiling medallion.

ceiling medallion

Re-purposed iron scroll ceiling medallion from Jennifer Allwood

7. Lace Sheet Metal Ceiling Medallion

Lace balances between old-fashioned, rustic, and classic. Combine lace with a burnished metal and you are left with a ceiling medallion that could fit into any design style! (Country, Victorian, Chic, Modern, etc…)

8. Mirrored Ceiling Medallion

Make your room look larger with a mirrored medallion! Take a drive to your local craft store and find mirrored tiles in any shape you like. Honey-comb shapes can be assembled together like a puzzle, but circles would add a nice modern touch.

9. Starburst Ceiling Medallion

Oh yes, starbursts are becoming more and more popular. But how do you design a tricky starburst ceiling medallion?

By re-purposing it from a mirror! (Martha Stewart sells a great one at Home Depot that you can use for this project!)

10. Monogrammed Ceiling Medallion

Who said medallions are only used for ceilings? Transform your classic medallion into a monogrammed piece of art with these easy DIY steps.

11. Blue Medallions as Wall Art

Yes, combine shades of paint with different ceiling medallions, and you are left with a playful wall of “matchy-but-not-too-matchy” art!

12. White Medallions as Wall Art

I know, these are the same as the last photo except they are white. But you guys, look how neat these are in different sizes!

The detailed carvings really pop, add depth, and pull together the room with such sophistication. Gorgeous, plain and simple.

Who ever said that ceiling medallions had to be plain, boring, or only on the ceiling? No one!

Decorate your home and live with some character everyone will adore.

Step outside of the box with unusual shapes, different colors, and nontraditional uses for medallions.

Where else do you use medallions in your decor? Do you have any fun DIY projects with ceiling medallions that we can feature?

Leave us some inspiration in the comments!

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Friday 16th of June 2017

I used a wire basket as a ceiling medallion. Check it out here:

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