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Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black SW 6258 – Is This Matte Black the New Classy?

 sw tricorn black color review

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black is a lush, elegant, and saturated version that will make you fall in love with blacks all over again!

Black can really have a graceful touch to it, can’t it?

After all, it has the potential to drive in sophistication like no other color and act timeless with absolutely any and everything on the planet. And it does so without screaming at you.

Similarly, Tricorn Black from Sherwin Williams is one such hue that will act as a perfect backdrop to most of the shades and accents out there.

So, if you are planning to use this color for your home interiors, or even exteriors, I must say – Keep it going and you will love the perfect haven that your house gets transformed into from this absolutely MAJESTIC black.

But, beware…

I understand the color is timeless and stylish and classic – but since it’s quite a bold tone, you don’t want to mess it up using it just – ANYWHERE.

Yes! It has limitations and underlying theories that you may want to know before painting that living room wall or bedroom accent with it.

I assure you will know exactly how and where to use this color after reading this article.

So, let’s get started!

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black SW 6258 Color Details and Specifications

tricorn black swatch

You see that mysterious look that TB – that is due to the absence of colors!

This black is a neutral color that is void of any undertones! It is for all intents and purposes – “Just Black”

So, leave aside all of the confusion and doubts about undertones and tints and tones.


In the above photo, you can see how this dark color pairs with stark white on the Stairway to create a perfect balance.

This color is pure, refined, and unblended.

Which, let me give you a hint, is going to get easier to pair against the opposites.

Moving ahead with the details, first and foremost – one of the most important terms in color psychology is Light Reflectance Value (LRV).

It helps you in deciding which room and in particular which wall you require the paint to be on.

sw tricorn black lrv

So, the LRV for Tricorn Black is 3!


That’s it.

If you want to see how Tricorn Black will look in your unique environment, I highly suggest ordering a peel-and-stick paint sample from Samplize here!

The lower the Light Reflectance Value – the darker and bolder the shade is.

And with this limitation, Tricorn Black gives a major concern regarding where it should be used.

But before that – let’s discuss the other important terms associated with the color.

Red = 47, Green = 47, Blue = 48

HEX Value = #2f2f30

tricorn vs pure black

Let’s be clear, Tricorn is not a pure black color. You can see in the gradient demo above how it compares to a complete black color.

By this time, you know that this color really has a lot to offer you.

Whether it’s the bedroom or the living and family room, there are various creative ways to imbibe this color in your space.

And they are really unique and flabbergasting to say the least.

How Does Tricorn Black Feel in a Space?

Tricorn Black promises a bold, authentic, and charismatic feel.

Due to its low reflectivity and ultra-darkness, this color may make your living space feel suffocated and congested if used in smaller apartments or spaces with small sizes.

Let’s not to get caught up in a situation like that!

using color in a mudroom

Blogger Shauna from The House of Silver Lining remodels her home in herringbone patterns and SW Tricorn Black (Photo credit: Shauna Beltramo)

However, all the city dwellers and apartment owners, don’t feel demotivated.

I know you love black and that’s why I have a trick for you – go ahead and use it in your small spaces – but as ACCENTS!

Maybe try painting just a single wall or a backdrop with TB – and leave the rest with Pure White or Stark White.

This way, you immediately get the best of both worlds!

Do not try this color out on North-facing rooms – an absolute no-no.

Due to the absence of natural light – it’s quite possible that your room will look dull and dark. (Not too inspiring…unless you want that specific theme!)

However, the crispness of TB is bound to make your space look elegant, sophisticated, and timeless when used the right way.

Especially now that black is admired by almost everyone – it is quickly being counted as a trend now and for the upcoming years.

How Does Light Affect the Color?

To be honest – not a lot!

Due to low reflectivity, this color appears almost the same with or without natural light (of course – darker when there is no light at all.)

However, depending on the type of lighting – natural, warm-white, warm-yellow, and colored, the color does exhibit a tinge of yellow, white and color.

But doesn’t affect a lot!

Also, if you have plenty of natural light falling in the rooms, I recommend using this black. It will showcase smooth, crisp and refined character.

To truly see what your home’s environment and lighting will do here, try out a real paint sample. It takes out the guess work!

What are the Coordinating Colors for Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black?

dark coordinating color paint deck

There are numerous ways of blending TB and making the most use of this color in your home.

First, remember blacks are timeless!

Because of that, you have the advantage of using any color – ranging from stark-whites to off-whites, blues, greens, yellows, and beiges or greiges.

However, try to avoid a lot of bright and warmer hues – it may tend to make the space feel too energetic – which on a daily basis, could be harmful to perceive.

These days, neutral monochromatic shades are quite trendy – and if you’re considering one, here is a list you may want to blend –

  1. Inkwell SW 6992 – learn more here!
  2. Black of Night SW 6993
  3. Dovetail SW 7018
  4. Dorian Gray SW 7017

pairing colors sw6258

The best paint options for trims and moldings, whether exteriors or interiors are Pure White or High Reflectance White.

This will further enhance the color and help in protruding the Tricorn Black!

Sherwin Williams SW 6258 Tricorn Black Vs. Similar Colors

Many other colors are possible alternatives for this deep color.

However, keep in mind if you need something specific – some may display a warmer tone and some cooler.

But one of the colors that shares the most similarity is Caviar!

Tricorn Black Vs. SW 6990 Caviar

With a similar LRV of 3, these colors share quite a lot in common.

Meanwhile, Caviar is not exactly ‘Black’ – it’s very dark but has a brownish tinge to it. Learn more about SW Caviar in my article here.

In short, it is somewhere between brown and black.

For even further accurate results, I highly recommend buying real-time samples and swatches to compare the two.

Screen colors could get deceiving sometimes!

tb vs caviar

Order a wall-stick sample of Tricorn Black here to help you compare these colors in your own space.

Tricorn Black Vs. SW 6991 Black Magic

With an LRV of 3, Black Magic (see my review here) too is a product of Black but with a lesser black feel than TB.

Again, if observed closely, it is not true black which makes it slightly aligned with various other neutral undertones – basically, dark blue.

Light plays a major effect on these colors – so, it is highly recommended to apply a sample of paint on a bare wall!

Trust me on this, they will look absolutely different – and that will help you in deciding which color to choose from.

tb vs black magic

Test these colors side-by-side to see the differences in “real life” INSIDE your home, with some wall-stick samples. Order here!

If you want to check out other similar colors, please see my article on choosing from the many other SW black paints.

Where to Use Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black in Homes?

The exotic charm of the color makes it one of the most flexible black options to be used in the home interiors.

With a perfect number of bases and accents – this color can shine even brighter than you think!

If you are wondering, where all in your home can you specify this color, my answer would be –

ANYWHERE! And even the exteriors!

So, let’s hop on to some of the tips and tricks to apply TB in homes.

Tricorn Black in Living Room

Living Room is a space that demands welcomeness and comfort! It should be able to drive the attention of your guests and make them want to admire your entire house.

So, to make your living room stand out with Tricorn Black – make sure to use it in little amounts!

Whether it’s an accent wall, or the wall surrounding your Fireplace, Tricorn Black when paired opposite greiges/off-whites and whites give extravagant solutions.

Can This Work in Bathrooms?

Yes it can, but as you can see from the example photo above it definitely brings a masculine feel. 

With diffused lighting, the finish will come across as satin. This brings a high-end, luxury quality that is fun to accent with bright colored towels and bathroom accessories.

Opt for a light colored or even white tile floor if you don’t want to feel like you’re in a cave!

Tricorn Black in Kitchens


Kitchens are regularly occupied spaces – and they really should speak your personality!

Black and White monochromatic kitchens are an ongoing trend that will probably never even fade away!

So how about painting your walls or cabinets in Tricorn Black? With a white neutral backdrop?

It will surely add a perfect statement of sophistication to your home.

Tricorn Black in Bedroom

tricorn black in bedroom

Blogger Jessica from House Homemade paints her bedroom wall in Tricorn Black

The bedroom is the most personalized space in your home.

It demands comfort, coziness and should reflect your character, personality, and lifestyle.

So, if you are a believer in minimalism, contemporary or Scandinavian style, I highly recommend this color.

Meanwhile, if you want a bohemian or French Country vibe – Tricorn Black is an absolute no-no!

Tricorn Black in Exteriors

In the above example you can see how dark shutters work to bring elegance and a modern flair to an already beautiful home.

Most commonly used in Victorian homes (you might have seen a few walking down the streets of San Francisco), this color is not commonly preferred by homeowners.

Due to its ultra-bold look, it sometimes gets challenging choosing the perfect shaded roof and wainscoting along with it.

It also doesn’t complement a lot of natural stones for skirting – however, if you really plan to use it – make sure the door and window frames, moldings and trims are painted in stark white to balance the look!

I Recommend Sampling Tricorn Black!

If you’re on the fence and need a bit of convincing, try this color on for size by ordering a peel-and-stick sample from Samplize.

These are my favorite way to test colors in a space and to see how they work with other coordinating colors.

It doesn’t cost all that much, and you can temporarily place these handy 12″” x 12″” squares that are true to color around your house. I love them!

Bottom line here, if you want to introduce drama into your living spaces, Tricorn Black is the one you’re looking for.

It is trendy, sophisticated, and elegant when used in the correct amount and paired with perfect opposites.

So, are you excited to have this color in your home? Let you know your experiences in the comment below!

sw Tricorn Black pin

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