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Sherwin-Williams Cool Grays: 15 Best Timeless Paints for the Modern Home

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Are you jumbled up in the world of grays and constantly wondering what will best work for your space?

Well, grays are endless! Yes, truly!

If you dive deeper and deeper, you’re quite likely to find this endless list of grays even more challenging to work with.

Since there isn’t a single kind of gray to work with – the task of choosing the from the best Sherwin Williams grays becomes even more exciting yet challenging.

Well, gray can further be subcategorized into three major categories – neutral, warm, and cool.

The neutral gray paint colors that have a tinge of beige and yellow to them tend to look warmer.

Whereas the grays with blue or green undertones tend to look cooler!

dark cool gray painted bedroom

All in all, these continue to be some of most popular options to paint your home inside and out.

However, it depends on what vibe you’re aiming to create! Scandinavian? Modern? Modern Farmhouse? Minimalist?

In general, the cool grays will undeniably add a crisp and calming effect to a space.

There is a long list of SW Cool Grays that will offer you a blend of the best.

Whether you’re painting the kitchen cabinets or the bathroom walls, these cool side of gray will magically make your home appear airier, larger, and more spacious.

Here, I am going to write about the 15 best Sherwin Williams Cool Gray paint colors and their ultimate whereabouts and how bouts!

So, let’s get started.

Cool Gray – The Gray with Blue or Green Undertones

Cool Grays are bound to bring a cool, crisp, and chilly effect indoors. 

You can find them either in blue or green undertones and also sometimes as true cool grays.

One of the most popular is the “blue-gray” variety – check out my list of favorite SW Blue Gray Paints to see why!

Especially for interior design styles like contemporary, modern, Scandinavian, and modern Farmhouse – this color category will play a fundamental role.

cool gray blue vs green undertones

Just a fresh coat of cool grays will make your space feel refreshing, bright, and rejuvenating! 

And since they come in various shades – from light to dark – you have a wide array of options to choose from.

They may not be as versatile as the neutral grays, whites, or blacks but can certainly pair with various hues such as clean and cool whites, black, blues, greens, and mauves.

This color category also pairs wonderfully with satin brass, matte black, and oil-rubbed bronze!

If you’re aiming to make your space feel larger, this is the ultimate color category (after the whites) to look at.

Even in rooms with lesser natural light, the cool grays tend to play magic.

And believe it or not – the LRVs or Light Reflectance Values have a major role to play here!

Light Reflectance Values – The Specifications to Know

sw cool grays multi lrvs

Light Reflectance Values or the LRVs are majorly the values that determine how light or dark the paint color is.

(And you can easily find this value at the back of the paint chip)

Let me tell you a secret here – it’s always important to analyze this value before you pick the best cool gray paint color.

This is one color category where you’ll find the LRVs ranging from 7 to a whopping 70!

You must always examine these swatches under various lighting conditions to know how they will truly feel like – whether light or dark.

Because believe me, the same paint color may look lighter in one room and darker in one. 

Even compass directions have a major call here. And that’s why you must know how lighting affects the paint colors in a room!

Lighting Matters


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Cool grays are big-time chameleons!

With either blue or green undertones, these colors can tend to pretend to be different in different rooms and different lighting conditions.

For instance, in the north-facing rooms, the cool grays will further appear chilly and cool with blue-gray undertones slightly peeking! 

Whereas in the south-facing rooms, the cool grays will appear softer with a true blue or green undertone dominating the palette.

Another aspect is the surrounding landscape and views from the windows! If you have a window facing the large green lawn, the green in your gray paint will ultimately protrude.

Cool Gray in Interior and Exterior Design Styles


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Cool gray is a common choice for interior as well as exterior design styles.

In the interiors, feel free to consider the cool gray paint colors for contemporary, modern farmhouse, Scandinavian, Shabby Chic, and transitional design styles.

For the exteriors, the cool gray paint can be used for transitional, traditional, Victorian, Ranch-style, Mid-Century modern, and South-western homes.

The cool grays can make a wonderful statement on the interior walls of the living and dining room whereas bedrooms and bathrooms.

Some medium-toned examples of cool grays will also make an impact on the cabinets, shelves, and vanity.

Best Places to Use Sherwin Williams Cool Gray Paint Colors

scandinavian style with cool grays

Well, this section depends a lot upon your personal choice, interior design style, and preference.

So, if you have an admiration for cool gray paint colors, you can definitely use them on the entryway door, shutters, living room focal walls, bedroom walls, kitchen cabinets, mudroom, exterior walls, and foyer cabinets.

Don’t hold back from styling with this color in the home offices and kids’ rooms as well!

Best Sherwin Williams Cool Gray Paint Colors

Here comes the most awaited topics to talk about!

After all – isn’t this something you’re waiting for?

So, here I will be discussing a couple of popular as well as my personal favorite cool gray paint colors.

Let’s get started!

5 Most Popular

Sherwin Williams Passive

SW single passive chip 1

Sherwin Williams Passive is a neutral cool gray paint color with deep blue undertones. It’s light and airy and can absolutely feel refreshing and calming!

With an LRV of 60, this cool gray paint will always make a dashing chilly statement indoors.

In the north-facing rooms, it will further appear chilly and slightly gray-blue!

Check out my full review of SW Passive now!

You can best pair this color with cool whites, midnight blues, dark grays, and black. To break the monotony, add matte black or satin brass finish for the lighting fixtures, etc.

Here are some other color specifications you must get acquainted with!

Red = 203

Green = 204

Blue = 201

HEX Value = #cbccc9

Sherwin Williams Morning Fog

SW single morning fog chip 1

Sherwin Williams Morning Fog is a blue-gray paint color that has more depth and is certainly darker than the others.

It has an LRV of 42 and that means it’s quite medium-toned and can best work with medium-sized rooms.

Spaces with little natural light and smaller in size can tend to look flat in this paint color.

You can best complement the metallic tints of satin brass and oil-rubbed bronze with this color.

I cover SW Morning Fog in-depth here!


Also, don’t forget to pair this color with clean whites, lighter cool grays, darker grays, and soft beiges.

This medium-toned color can look phenomenal on the cabinets and don’t hold back from styling them in the laundry room, foyer, or mudroom. 

As usual, it is important to understand the associated RGB and HEX Values that are as follows:

Red = 168

Green = 174

Blue = 177

HEX Value = #a8aeb1

Sherwin Williams Fleur de Sel

SW single fleur de sel chip 1

Sherwin Williams Fleur de Sel is a cool and chilly light gray paint color with hidden blue and green undertones – both!

It has an LRV of 72 and that’s why this color can be used on all the walls of a room. (Whether small and even if the natural light is less)

Pair this cool gray with SW High Reflectance White on the trims, ceiling, and moldings.

Read my full color review on Fleur de Sel to learn more!

Furthermore, don’t hold back from adding the tones of blue, green, or violet as an accent in the form of decorative accents on the throw pillows, blankets, and centerpieces.

This paint color will definitely add a sense of calmness and poise to any space – a must-recommend!

It is now time to look through the color details and specifications to know more about it!

Red = 220

Green = 221

Blue = 216

HEX Value = #dcddd8

Sherwin Williams Misty

SW misty single paint chip 2

Sherwin Williams Misty is a gray paint color with deep blue undertones. Even though it may look slightly silver – but it isn’t!

This color has a depth of blue and slightly violet – so, depending upon the compass directions, it may look either!

With an LRV of 64, this color definitely falls on the lighter end of the scale and is almost like an off-white if you choose it for all the walls.

Learn more about SW Misty here!

You can best compliment the color with shades of white, blue, dark gray, and also black!

In the north-facing rooms, this color can appear absolutely gray whereas blue-gray in the south-facing rooms. 

Here enlisted are the important associated RGB and HEX Values that you must know!

Red = 205

Green = 210

Blue = 210

HEX Value = #cdd2d2

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn

SW single peppercorn chip 2

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn is a dark-toned cool gray paint color that will readily prove to be neutral, classy, and quite sophisticated.

This is a charcoal gray paint color that can add immense drama and depth to the focal or accent walls.

You can also use this color on the built-in shelves and kitchen cabinetry systems.

Fall in love with Peppercorn after checking out my review!


Since it has an LRV of only 10, it proves to be a great dark gray paint color that is almost nearly black! Yet, not the truest form of black.

I recommend understanding the associated RGB and HEX Values to know more about the color specification!

Red = 88

Green = 88

Blue = 88

HEX Code = #585858

TIP: You can order stick-on wall samples for any of the above colors. It’s the most convenient way and truly helps you choose the color(s) that look best in your OWN space. Order at Samplize now!

You can also check out their bundles for:

5 Next Popular

Sherwin Williams Big Chill

Big chill info 1

Sherwin Williams Big Chill is one of the ‘closest’ cool grays that feels chilly, crisp, and extremely cool.

Even when you observe closely, this color may reflect a deep tinge of blue to it (but it’s hardly visible).

With an LRV of 62, this color is truly light, airy, and can be used on all the walls of a room.

In terms of metallic accents, choose matte black or antique gold!

Sherwin Williams Reflection

reflection info 2

Sherwin Williams Reflection is a light, bright, and airy cool gray paint color that has a major tint of blue to it.

With an LRV of 66, this color can definitely be used to brighten the dull room and also make it look larger.

You can either choose to paint all the walls of a room in this color or also simply add it to adjacent walls of an accent wall.

Sherwin Williams Silver Strand

silver strand info 1

Sherwin Williams Silver Strand is a cool gray paint color with a deep green undertone. Now that we’ve been discussing the various blue base grays, it’s time that we catch hold of the greens!

This color is calm, soothing, and extremely serene when used on the walls of a room. However, it may certainly feel muted under certain lighting conditions!

With an LRV of 59, this color has ample depth but somehow feels lighter!

Sherwin Williams Rhinestone

rhinestone info 1

Sherwin Williams Rhinestone is definitely a cool and bright off-white paint color with deep blue and gray undertones.

It has an LRV of 74 and can always feel cool, bright, and fresh – even in smaller rooms.

I recommend that you carefully pair this color with other refreshing whites, grays, and black to create a cohesive and calm palette.

Sherwin Williams Grizzle Gray

grizzle gray info 1

It’s not fair to the cool gray-green paint colors since we’ve only been discussing the gray-blues! 

Well, with Sherwin Williams Grizzle Gray, you can expect a tinge of green to the dark charcoal gray paint color.

With an LRV of only 13, this color can beautifully make a statement in the modern, contemporary, and Scandinavian interior design styles.

***Make sure to test out any of these amazing colors with a sample you can put up right in your home. Pick up samples now!

5 Hand Picked Favorites

Sherwin Williams Gray Screen

gray screen info 1

Sherwin Williams Gray Screen is a light and cool gray paint color with a deep blue undertone! 

With an LRV of 59, this color may look even more lighter and airier when used in a room with ample natural light.

Plus, you can best pair this color with shades of matte black, oil-rubbed bronze, and antique gold.

Sherwin Williams Olympus White

olympus white info 1

Sherwin Williams Olympus White is a cool and refreshing gray-blue color that is almost a white paint but with faded undertones.

It can be used on all the walls of your room and make the space feel further bright and chilly.

In the north-facing rooms, this color will readily feel blue altogether! 

Sherwin Williams Software

software info 1

Another dark and dramatic cool gray paint color is Sherwin Williams Software that will make your space feel absolutely crisp and moody!

It has an LRV of 23 and can amazingly work on the cabinets of your laundry room, kitchens, and mudrooms.

Pair satin brass pull handles to go with this paint color.

Sherwin Williams On the Rocks

on the rocks info 1

Sherwin Williams On the Rocks is a cool gray paint color but makes itself stand out from the rest of the above-mentioned!

This is slightly warmer than the others but however, primarily falling on the cooler end of the scale.

With an LRV of 62, this color will almost prove to be one of the best neutrals for all the walls of your room.

Sherwin Williams Quicksilver

quicksilver info 1

Another cool gray that totally amazes me is SW Quicksilver! It’s light, airy, and extremely refreshing!

It’s almost like a delicate and calming blue-green-gray that will add immense poise to a room.

With an LRV of 75, this color will always add immense character and calm to the room.

Grab some samples of these colors to see how they’ll look in your own living environment. Order real paint, peel-and-stick samples!

Inspiration and Examples


Sherwin Williams On the Rocks may look completely white under certain light conditions – especially on the cabinets!

Sherwin Williams Big Chill will never disappoint you! It’s like magic that will always brighten up your room and make it feel larger!


Sherwin Williams Reflection can be used on all the walls of your room and make it feel chilly – especially the one that gets afternoon light!


Sherwin Williams Gray Screen works wonderfully on the cabinets as well as the kids’ rooms and bedrooms.


Sherwin Williams Software is a dark charcoal blue-gray paint color that can add immense depth and character to the walls of a room.

Summing It Up

Sherwin Williams has formulated quite a few cool gray paint colors for us to choose the best one from.

Now that you see – some cool gray colors have dominant blue, green, and violet undertones.

Thus, it’s important that you analyze the color features, palettes, and their overall appearance to know how they will truly appear in a space. 

So, did any of the above-mentioned cool gray paint colors intrigue you? Well, do let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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