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16 Crazy Cool Console Tables



A console table is so much more than an ordinary table. Originally, console tables were designed by the French and Italian aristocracy in the 1700s. They were typically sold in pairs (or even numbers) to provide a sense of symmetry in a room.

Although they have been modified with time, console tables are still a welcome piece of furniture in many homes.

They offer style, storage, and function. They can blend in or stand out. But one thing is for sure, your console table doesn’t have to be boring!

Check out these simple, DIY, crazy cool console table!

1 Balustrade Console Table

Chunky, curvy balustrade columns are an amazing support for a narrow console table. Honestly, they are a refreshing view when you’re used to seeing boxy tables!

2 Book Rack Console Table

Books and magazines can be so inviting. So why not display them on your console table! This angled shelf provides the perfect home for your favorite novels and new monthly magazines.

3 Floating Console Table

Have limited depth in your entryway? Then this floating console table is the perfect solution for you! It doesn’t sit very deep, but it completely supported by study braces against the wall.

console table

from Ruggydiy

4 Double X Console Table

This beauty is one of my favorite DIY pieces! The double Xs are a fun twist to a common console plan. But instead of being on the narrow sides, these supportive Xs are on the front and back!

5 Storage Console Table

If you are desperate to find a home for your car keys, wallet, phone cords, and the other tidbits that end up by your door, look no further. This storage console table provides drawers (great for stashing mail), buckets (drop your keys  and wallet here!) plus and additional row of baskets (for things like purses and shoes).

6 Reclaimed Fence Wood Console Table

Pallets are all the rage right now. But reclaimed fence (or deck) wood looks so similar! Snatch up some aging wood and craft it into this beautiful rustic little table.

I bet it will fit into any room of your home!

console table

rustic fence wood console table

7 Floating Media Console

DVDs, too many cords, and lots of dust tend to collect around your media center (at least they do in my home!). Solve these issues with a simplistic floating media console.

Storage cupboards for the necessary items, and open shelves for electronics. Organization solution!

8 Hairpin Console Table

I haven’t seen such a unique and cute table in a long time! But, as a girl who uses multiple bobby pins on a daily basis, I find this table adorable and catching.

Thankfully it doesn’t come with a huge price tag because you can make it yourself!

9 Coral and Gold Detailed Console Table

Lovers of color: this is the best console table for you! Intricate detail on the sides complement the chunky top and bottom, and can withstand the look of bold colors!

10 Industrial Wood and Steel Console Table

Wood and steel boast confidence and strength. You know this table will withstand through the years because of it’s materials!

Add soft plants or delicate fabrics to lighten intensity with a feminine touch.

11 Mirrored Console Table

Mirrors are a tricky design to master. But this table does it perfectly. Vertical mirrors with aligned seams, aged wood, and dark hardware really pull this table together.

And, the mirrors are from IKEA, which means this is a budget friendly project for you!

12 Modern Console Table

Need a quick project? This modern, U-shaped table is easy to construct and will blend in to any design style.

13 Sawhorse Console Table

Sometimes the creativity of other people amazes me! I never would have thought saw horses could create such a fun table!

The little pop of shiny metal just makes me smile. (And if you don’t have sawhorses, you can DIY make your own!)

14 Reclaimed Bar Stools Console Table

Garage sales seem to offer a plethora of bar stools. Snatch up two or three in a style you like, but not for sitting.

Add a wooden top to those stools for a fun console table! (I’ve heard this is a great DIY if you’re looking to jump into your first project!)

console table

bar stool console table

15 Scroll Leg Console Table

Oh my, can I have one of these in my home, please! The delicate scroll work and worn away edges make this simple console table into a masterpiece.

16 Sliding Barn Door Console

Mimic your existing barn doors with a sliding barn door console table!



Maybe your not an 18th century aristocrat living in a lush mansion.

But, your quaint and comfortable home can still support a console table! What is your favorite style? Have you designed one yourself? Do you have a unique console table to share with us? We’d love to see!

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