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Rustic Wood Console Table

Katie from Addicted to DIY had been wanting a console table to fill a “dull, empty space” by her front door, but her husband wasn’t game on spending a $1,000 for one. Katie came up with the brilliant plan that they save their hard earned cash and build a table instead of buy one. With the help of Ana White, the couple completed their very first build together and have a lovely new console table to show for it!

diy console table

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Card Catalog Craft Room Storage

ChiWei from One Dog Woof has always loved the idea of having lots of little drawers to store all those bits and pieces of craft supplies she owns. When a card catalog came up on Craigslist at a reasonable price, ChiWei jumped on it, or rather, had her husband jump on it to ensure she became the proud new owner. ChiWei and her helpful hubby cut the original piece in half to create two consoles, built a new top for one of the pieces, and then gave them a fresh coat of paint. Now instead of one old broken down card catalog, ChiWei has two console tables to hold all of her goodies and plenty of room on top for display!

card catalog storage

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