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8 Holiday Decor Inspirations with Apples & Cranberries



Fall is a season overflowing with colors: red apples, yellow leaves, green winter trees, orange mum flowers, and brown twigs. Let’s bring the outdoors in with seasonal cranberries and red or green apples.

Below are our favorite Autumn decor inspirations using apples and cranberries!

1. Apple Centerpieces

Perhaps you pick apples in a nearby orchard, or you buy them from your local market.

Either way, apples signify Fall. Rather than display them in your typical fruit bowl, get creative and use them as a decor piece.

Well, you can still use a fruit bowl, but spruce it up with a few sprigs of evergreen or fir.

I love the simplicity of lining them along the center of your table. And who knew that apples would look so stunning in water and flowers?

That takes a bouquet to a whole new design level!



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2. Cranberry Centerpieces and Candles

Just like red apples, cranberries can spice up your table or mantle.

The fresh look of wheat combine with cranberries is stunning in this vase, which would look great on a dining table or entryway table.

Also like the apples, combine cranberries with flowers for a crisp, vibrant look. But the combination of candles with these red berries can certainly be classified as homey.

Whether in mason jars, glass cups, or tall pillar vases, your home will benefit from this colorful fall look!


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3. Apples and Candles

It only takes a little bit of work with a sharp knife or power drill to core out a hole in an apple.

Then, simply place the candle of your choice (a tealight, votive, or pillar) in.

Give it a light and instantly admire the natural beauty.

If you don’t have the time for drilling, dunk the apples in water and add a floating candle on top. Same look and feel with half of the work!

4. Cranberry Topiaries

A topiary provides classic elegance to every home. Typically you would think of greenery, but splurge for cranberries.

Find a foam ball in the size of your choice. Simply hot glue the berries on, and you instantly have a decor item that will fit in any room of your home!

Try a few small topiaries in a glass bowl, larger ones on candlesticks, or mismatched shaped in a wooden basket.

from abc and thoughtfully simple

from abc and thoughtfully simple

5. Apple Topiaries

Similar to with cranberries, apples perform as an excellent fruit to display as a topiary.

Because they are larger than cranberries, the topiary can be in a larger size. Imagine how grand these would look lining your fireplace, mantle, or front porch.

If you have the space, these would be a stand up piece for the ends of your buffet or next to your Christmas tree.

6. Cranberry Wreaths

If you’re willing to get a bit crafty, these cranberry wreaths will be a statement piece in your home!

Imagine how well a red wreath will pop out on your front door for Autumn, using either berries or the entire branch.

If you can’t manage the large one, consider creating a small wreath. These would be perfect as napkin holders, hanging on a door handle, or strung on your wall.

Add a touch of evergreen for a true winter look.

7. Apple Wreaths

The beautiful thing about apples is that they grow in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Spring for a solid color apple wreath, like those pictured below.

This would be especially fun if you were able to pick your apples directly from an orchard, allowing you more freedom in the sizes and colors of your choice.

Burlap and evergreen add the perfect accented style to these apple wreaths.

8. Cranberry Garland

A string of cranberry garland could be just the seasonal accent that you’re looking for!

Hang this along your mantle, arrange it across your table, or string it beside your doors. Anywhere you place this will look festive and adorable.

Want more than just solid red? Consider adding pinecones, fall leaves, or evergreen sprigs for a bit more flare.


Who knew that cranberries and apples taste good and make the perfect home accent!

Add a pop of red to your home this Autumn with an apple wreath, cranberry candle, apple centerpiece, or cranberry garland.

What other ways do you use these fruits to make your home beautiful for the season?

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