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“Rustic Yet Modern” Rope Curtain Tiebacks

Carmody from Paper & Fox has been working on redecorating her living room, including a freshly painted fireplace and new curtains.

She was on the lookout for curtain tiebacks and came across the perfect ones with a “nautical, rustic yet modern look.” Of course, the only problem was the price.

Carmody headed straight for the hardware store and easily made four rope tiebacks for less than $20 instead of more than $200!

rope curtain tiebacks

Whether you’re creating a maritime theme in your home or just want a look that fits both classic and chic – these simple rope tiebackls are a great option.

The way Carmody combines two different sized ropes is genius.

First she figured out the optimal lengths of each. Then, using a lighter, stopped typical rope fraying in its tracks. Searing the ends solves that problem immediately.

She then uses hot glue as the way to secure the small rope to the larger one once it wraps around it just right.

Ropes for Ties

The hooks you use here don’t matter so much since they aren’t readily visible behind the curtain.

Carmody did point out the difference with hers compared to her expensive inspiration product. And that’s the hardware… Again though, how much to you really see this when looking across the room?

Your curtains will make the most important statement. Then, the rope itself will be the exclamation point

Carmody was inspired by the Dakota Natural Rope Tieback from Restoration Hardware. Don’t be fooled by the cool “catalog” photo. You can make your own and look just as cool.

dakota natural rope tie back

Here’s how Carmody’s looks with her curtains. When you see the finished product installed and doing its thing, you really do appreciate saving the money and carrying out an easy DIY project like this.

Final rope tie photo

Find all the steps Carmody uses and make your own rope tiebacks at Paper & Fox.

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