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Wood Planter Stands

As a simple, first project for their patio makeover, Kayla at over at Homecoming and her husband built these modern, wooden planter stands.

Kayla says, “It only took an afternoon to build, and since we used cedar wood and stain we had laying around the house, it only cost us the $10 can of exterior polyurethane spray.”

I love how this simple design elevates plants and makes an architectural statement.


Okay, so these plant stands might look simple, but the truth is they are legitimately made from scratch.

Kayla’s husband is more on the carpenter end of the DIY spectrum. His talents lend themselves well on this DIY project.

Perhaps yours can too?

To follow Kayla’s tutorial (which is extremely thorough and awesome by the way!), you first need a few tools.

We’re not talking a hand saw and some sand paper here. This is getting serious…here’s the list:

  • Table saw
  • Orbital sander
  • Miter saw
  • Brad Nailer (and Air Compressor)
  • Router

Now, if you have these or easy access to them, hopefully that means you or someone is familiar with them. Great, you can knock this one out of the park!

Plant Stand DIY legs

If you don’t have these carpentry tools, you’re not totally out of luck. Aside from the router, you can probably get by with some alternatives:

For example, you can pick up some dowels at your home center. Get the 1″ size, and you’ve got a great start to the legs of the planters.

They won’t be cedar like Kayla’s, but you’ll be staining anyway.

You can also rip down the center base pieces and get to what Kayla’s husband did by paying a few dollars at your home center to have them cut.

For the notches (mortise cutout) needed to help hold the center pieces in place, there’s no real replacement for a router.

The good news is Kayla’s tutorial covers exactly how to do it.

Kayla was inspired by the Case Study Planter with Stand from Horne.

case study planter with stand

Find all the details and lots of great and helpful how-to photos over at Homecoming.

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