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X-Leg Upholstered Ottoman for Less

We recently shared another project from Kayla at Homecoming and have another of Kayla’s DIY projects to showcase – a look-for-less x-leg ottoman!

With the help of her handy husband, Kayla built the base and upholstered the top of the ottoman in a weekend. Through DIY, they saved $500 on this beautiful new addition to their master bedroom!

diy x leg ottoman

So wow, talk about making a small piece of furniture look like a million bucks. This “X” leg structure just makes a big statement…even before Kayla has stained it.

When you check out her tutorial you’ll see that great things like this do sometimes require a regular wood shop.

Just like Kayla’s plant stand project, many power tools (along with some knowledge and a little bit of sweat) are used to get this job done.

Even if you don’t venture into this particular project there are a few rules of thumb along with some nifty tricks that Kayla and her husband applied. Some examples…

Make your own wood dimensions

To get the extra thick legs this ottoman possesses, they simply glued together three smaller pieces of maple. So, if you can’t find the thickness you need, then make your own!

Measure many times…cut once

They also discovered that accurate and consistent measurements really do count in this kind of project. A little off, and you’ll have gaps and wobbly furniture. In other words, take measurements with care.

X Ottoman

Dry-fitting first saves headaches

Another classic reminder she gives is to dry fit all your pieces before you glue and screw. You’d rather find out first if any sanding or planing needs to be done before you try and force parts to fit together properly.

You don’t want DIY-Amateur written all over your projects, you want DIY-PRO exclaimed from your masterpieces.

Go with the foam…

Finally, this piece requires a cushy top since it’s a place you’ll be sitting and resting your feet. Kayla learned that using batten to serve this purpose could only lead to disappointment. Over time, it could thin out and become useless.

She went with foam instead. And while it was a little more difficult to cut to size, she got the piece sized and stapled down with her selected fabric nicely.

Nail trim carries its own weight

The finishing touch for this ottoman is clearly the nail-head trim she picked up at JoAnn Fabrics. You can’t beat the glam style of a shiny trim adorning the bottom of a cushion.

The original inspiration came from this designer ottoman that was available through One Kings Lane.

designer x leg ottoman

Why buy when you can make one at only 20% of the cost. Kayla shares her detailed tutorial at Homecoming. Head on over, and at the least, skim through it. It’s actually pretty interesting to see just how her husband created this awesome knock-off!

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