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Wood Plank Wall Art Goes Modern

A couple years ago Sarah from Thrifty Décor Chick created a piece of planked wood art to fit an awkward wall in her living room.

At the time the blue and red color scheme was perfect for her space, but since then she has gravitated toward more neutrals.

Still loving the look of the wood, Sarah decided the artwork needed an update and grabbed paint colors from her stash. With the new colors and orientation, the DIY wall art went from rustic and country to fresh and modern!

pottery barn inspired wood plank wall art

This project is a great example of where it’s okay to revamp previously done DIY artwork. When it’s just paint, why not right?

I really liked the colored version she had created initially. It was a wonderful knock-off in fact. It was rustic, so in a way it’s timeless.

You don’t realize that something en vogue (yes, gray pallet I’m talking to you!), can really updated anything until you before and after it with something timeless like old outdoorsy country.

Wall pallet artwork prep

Taping off all the sections before painting.

Gone is the color and worn look. And in comes the dark gray to white tones.

Best Painter’s Tape to Use?

Sarah swears by her combination use of FrogTape: One regular  for multi-surfaces (the green color) and FrogTape’s “delicate” version (yellow color).

The delicate tape is a little less sticky, but tacky enough to do the job of masking. She used it so that her freshly painted areas she had to place tape on would not peel.

FrogTape Painter's Tape

Sarah’s painter’s tape brand of choice

Sarah loves her update. It seems to fit the decor of her home as she makes updates to it, so no foul there.

Take a look for yourself and see what you think. For me, I go completely back and forth and love each version.

The million dollar question?

In five years, when that gray-toned theme starts to feel “so 10 years ago” will it actually seem MORE dated than the rustic version?

Perhaps it won’t matter either way, because with an artistic piece like this, Sarah can simple get out some new paint and style it up to whatever’s going on in the future!

The original inspiration came from Pottery Barn’s Painted Pieced Wood and Layered Colored Panel Square.



Go to Thrifty Décor Chick for all the details for how Sarah created her first version and then changed it up to a present-day look.

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