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PVC Pipe Book Storage DIY

Many DIY’s stem from the desire to create furniture and decor that is a cheaper homemade version of something already available from mass retailers. This same motivation was what led Amanda from Dwelling in Happiness to create a PVC Pipe Book Storage inspired by RH Baby & Child’s industrial pipe tabletop book storage.  Amanda wasn’t a fan of the price but loved the look for low to the ground storage.

Initially she tried to recreate the book storage using copper piping but couldn’t find the proper connectors and decided that PVC was a good back up option because it was cheaper and would match her daughter’s bedroom decor better, not to mention, it was safer if she decided to play with it. Using various pieces of PVC, a pipe cutter and spray paint Amanda was ultimately able to create her own PVC pipe book storage DIY for a lot less than the industrial tabletop book storage would have cost her.

This is the industrial tabletop book storage from RH Baby & Child that inspired her DIY.


Check out Amanda’s completed PVC pipe book storage DIY.



To get her full list of supplies and directions you can read Amanda’s original post here.

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