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Our 15 Favorite DIY Lamp Shades

DIY lamp shade

Those harsh overhead lights and ceiling fans need to go! The bright lights and piercing light bulbs are too uncomfortable.

Lamps are soft, gentle, and soothing. Plus, they are much more design savvy than overhead lights!

We’ve gathered our favorite 15 DIY lampshades. You can pick your shape, size, material, pattern, and color.

Better yet, transform one of your existing lamps into a new piece. Personalize your shade for each room.

Check out more details below!

1-5: Flowers

DIY lamp shade

one, two, three, four, five

Flowers are classic. Although they seem feminine, they can soften any room with a timeless flare.

Simple rosettes, like both one and three, are a quick and easy DIY. Choose any color from the rainbow, and you’ll find matching rosettes or fabric to blend.

Burlap flowers (five) and felt flowers (four) require a bit more craftiness.

However, if you have some patience and a vision for the perfect floral lampshade, these tutorials will equip you.

And if you want the most elegant, detail-oriented, floral lamp shade, number two is the one for you!

The intricate, 3D flowers and woody vines are the perfect combination of whimsical and playful!

6-10: Paint

DIY lamp shade

one, two, three, four, five

As we all know, paint can literally give new life!

And the same applies to lampshades. One and four both display how paint can create a characteristic design, such as stripes or abstract artwork.

Five displays how paint and stencils can add a personal statement.

Don’t be limited to numbers, think monograms, animals, or curly ques!

Steady your hand, or grab a Sharpie, to adorn your DIY lamp shade with script (three).

Calligraphy, cursive, block letters…the whole alphabet is literally at your fingertips!

Although it’s not really paint, paint samples (two) can add a pop of color within one color range, too.

11-15: Fabric

One nifty and surprisingly attractive way is to use old sweaters as lampshade covers. This is another pretty easy DIY project like four and five!

Lace (one), similar to sweaters, can add texture and depth to your lamp shades. Imagine the shadows flickering through the delicate lace. What ambiance it would provide!

Why not match your curtains, pillows, and lampshades with coordinating fabrics (three)?

But if you’re not too matchy-matchy, feel free to mix and match your fabrics for a fun twist!

And I’ve saved my favorite for last…The linen lampshade (two).

I love the circular design. If you can’t find a specific pattern to suit your tastes, why not make your own style, like these overlapping circles.

Remember how the bright overhead lights give you a head ache? Swap them out for some soft lamps.

But don’t feel confined to a boring lamp! Find some fabric or paint.

Craft a design. Check out our tutorials. Create your perfect DIY lampshade today!

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