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9 Ideas for the Perfect Pantry Door

Pantry door ideas

If I had to guess which door was the most frequently used in my home, it’d probably be a tie between the pantry and the bathroom. Thankfully, they are no where near each other!

When I’m cooking a meal my pantry door opens at least 5 times. When my husband is hungry for a snack, he typically opens the pantry twice (once to browse his options, and later to grab his snack of choice).

I’m sure kids open it even more frequently since their growing bodies seem to live in a perpetual state of hunger!

Okay, you use your pantry a lot. Why should you consider upgrading the door?

Well, because you use it so often! You want quality, function, and design. Plus, a kitchen is filled with mainly cabinets and appliances, so the pantry door is an excellent spot to add a bit of style.

Whether your kitchens is old or new, I bet there is a creative way to your existing pantry door to become the Perfect Pantry Door!

Painted Wood

Never underestimate the power of paint! I love how this bright teal instantly brings a spark of life to this kitchen corner.

While white is classic, this hint of color adds the perfect amount of charm. Cream, gray, and off-white colors (like this teal) add a simple touch. Opt for black, red, or neon if you really want to bring some punch!


Chalkboard Paint

Never underestimate the power of paint! (Did I already say that?) Chalkboard paint is beyond popular right now.

You can write on and use magnets on any surface coated with this black beauty. It’s an organizational person’s dream.

I love how this door hosts a spot down low for the kids to get creative, while the top has a calendar and to-do list attached.

Feel free to use the space for menus, grocery lists, friendly reminders, or as a spot for your artistic creativity.


Screen or Chicken Wire Door

Calling all farmhouses, country chic homes, and those with rustic decor! This pantry door is made for you.

The splash of color is bright and cheerful. But the screen or chicken wire is what adds the charm.

Head to your local antique market and hunt down an aged door. No screen? No worries. Simply add chicken wire!

And you can’t overlook the antique hardware. Perfect for how many times a day that door will be pulled open!


Solid Frosted Glass

If color is too much or doesn’t match your modern decor, a glass pantry door is the route to go – see photos from our list of some seriously beautiful glass pantry doors.

A solid frosted glass panel has more character and light than a solid wooden door.

Either purchase a door already frosted, or find one with clear glass. Craft stores offer plenty of options to frost yourself with sprays, etching kits, or vinyl clings.


Frosted Glass Bi-fold Doors

If you’re like me, then your home is a mix of modern and classic. These doors would be perfect in my kitchen! I don’t need a pop of color but I’d love to upgrade my standard white wooden door.

Bi-folds somehow seem more charming and quaint. And the frosted glass offers privacy, texture, and ambiance




Wooden Bi-fold Doors

Another charming bi-fold option, but this time in wood. The panels resemble barn doors and craftsman shutters, a combination of country elegance.

These would be a great choice for a DIY project if you want your pantry door to match the stain of your cabinets.



Rustic Corrugated Tin Sliding Door

If you’ve followed along with my recent posts, you’ve noticed that I’m quite fond of corrugated tin. For some reason I’m drawn to it’s shiny-ness like a 5 year old is attracted to plastic princess jewelry.

Nonetheless, pair it with stained wood and I’m sold. A pantry door with corrugated tin can mix and match whatever your design is: a polished tin feels ultra modern, while a rusted finish matches a country look, and a mix of both offers flexibility.

Set it up on hinges for a stream line look, or add a slider to resemble old-world barns.


Tin Paneling

When I came across this DIY tutorial, I was amazed! Tin tiles can be applied just about anywhere. Cut them to fit the size of your door and finished them with any color.

Plain paint, like white, makes your pantry door look like you pulled it from your grandmother’s house from the 1920s, or use Rustoleum for a classic brushed bronze look.


Fabric Swag

Don’t have a pantry door, or can’t wait to get rid of your existing door? Grab some adorable fabric and a sturdy curtain rod and you’re in business!

This option truly let’s you personalize your pantry to match you kitchen fabric (on dining chairs, curtains, or other furniture doors).

Fabric is also a great solution for making an existing cabinet gain a more pantry-like feel.




Remember how often you open and close your pantry door each day? If it’s one of the most used items in your home, it deserves an update.

A simple afternoon with paint, wire, or tin can transform your pantry door from drab to perfect!

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