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8 of the Best Recycled Father’s Day Gifts to Make With Your Kids

Whether you’re planning early for Father’s Day gifting, looking for a great birthday gift, or just want to thank that special dad or grandpa in your life, these ideas are all super easy to make and made from recycled (upcycled) materials.

1. Grill Set and Holder

If the dad in your family is anything like the one in mine, barbecue grilling on Father’s Day is an annual tradition. Show him how much you appreciate his the time and TLC he puts into his grilling. Just find a cute old piece of board and paint it with a cute little saying, like “Grillin & Chillin” or “Dad’s Kitchen” and hang a brand new set of shiny grilling utensils from it. Set it next to his barbecue and let him be surprised when he walks outside to cook.

Photo: Grill Set

2. D.A.D. Photos

These D.A.D. photos are simply adorable. If you have multiple kids, you can even have each one hold a different letter. Have more than three kids? Just have the kids hold up their cut-out letters to spell “Papa” or “Father” and say cheese!

Photo: DAD Photos

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3. Fishing Pole Photo Holder

Can you imagine a better way to display Dad and the kids’ fishing photos than with a fishing pole, like this one on Etsy? What a simple DIY idea it was for whoever first thought to hang a pole on the wall, tie knots on the line, and hang pictures in frames along with a couple of cute little bobbers.

4. Fishing Cooler Gift Set

Another great gift idea for the fishing Dad with a spouse or child who is a little less of a hands-on DIY person, but thoughtful all the same! Pack a cooler full of some fishing gear, snacks, and maybe a few drinks (the colder, the better).

5. Hunting Photo

This is cool. Follow these simple step-by-step instructions from Playground Parkbench to learn how to make your own photo-lithograph on a slice or plank of wood and use a good picture of Dad out in the great outdoors.

6. Manly Gift Bucket

Men don’t want gift baskets; they want gift buckets. Fill up a useful bucket (or tool box) with a few basic things that the man in your life could use. Don’t forget his razors, barbecue utensils, and lottery tickets.

7. Tool Photo Frame

Wondering what use are all of those cheap tools at the dollar store? To decorate a picture of Dad’s Little Helper, of course! Just make sure you go and actually buy some new tools for Dad will surely notice if you go rummaging through his old tool box.

8. Ruler Tool Box

With a little paint, decorate and stencil something cute,  like, “No one measures up to you” or “Dad rules” and you can turn a cute old blank box or a few pieces of scrap wood into an awesome (and useful) little tool box.

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anita m.

Friday 2nd of June 2017

why is killing a deer AND photographing this horrific outcome something to teach a child as a gift to a father?....this is absolutely a repulsive AND dangerous showing of any form of celebration....


Monday 5th of June 2017

The blogger posts ideas for gifts, the idea is to use the inspiration and modify it to your family's taste. In some regions hunting is common and helpful in management of wildlife (it's horrible to see deer eating the bark from trees in the winter and starving).

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