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6 Last-Minute (Mostly Dollar Store) Gift Baskets for Father’s Day

Every year, for Father’s Day, I get the dads in my life a basket of goodies. Sometimes it means throwing a bunch of car cleaning products into a bucket, shaving products into a jar, or meat snacks into a big bowl. I hope these gift baskets that I found will inspire you to order a few of these affordable items online and throw together your own cool Dad’s Day Basket.

1.  Tool Bucket

CLC Custom Leathercraft 4122 In & Out Bucket, 61 Pocket

This basket is perfect for the handyman daddy. Start by wrapping a tool belt around a 5-gallon bucket. Insert several handy tools and accessories and top with a ribbon and bow.

Pictured here are screwdrivers, tool pencils, a leveler, a power drill, a PowerLock measuring tape, WD-40 and Edge-Lock.

You can easily personalize the bucket to a few items that you know Dad has been asking for.

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2. BBQ Caddy

Photo: BBQ Caddy

Pick up a little condiment caddy or tool caddy and fill it with a few great items to help Dad with his traditional BBQ dinner duties.

Try adding a few personalized condiment dispensers, personalized cloth napkins, and a personalized apron.

Don’t forget to restock his utensils (such as tongs or forks).

3. BBQ Basket

Photo: BBQ Basket

In addition to the smaller tool caddy, consider restocking Dad’s entire BBQ tool supply.

This larger basket doesn’t leave much out as far as BBQ needs go. Add anything and everything from BBQ sauce and meat to BBQ brushes and grill cleaner.

Don’t forget the shish kabob and corn-cob skewers.

4. Small Shower Bucket

This handy little shower bucket can be thrown together in just a few minutes and with just a few bucks at your local dollar store or from Amazon.

Restock Dad’s favorite Axe shower products, shaving cream, razors, and wash cloths.

5. Starbucks Basket

Yum! This coffee gift basket is perfect for the coffee-loving dad in your life.

Although I would definitely go with Starbucks, you can easily fill it up with all of Dad’s favorite coffee brands, coffee creamers, a bag of sugar, filters, and of course, the annual coffee mug.

6. Car Washing Bucket

If the dad in your life loves his car or truck as much as he loves his kids, he’ll be delighted to get this gift bucket full of car-washing stuff.

Fill it up with soap, wax, window cleaner, and all the washing tools and don’t forget a new air freshener.

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