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Tea Cart Modern Makeover

This very cute tea cart makeover is quite clever and will work in a modern farmhouse, rustic, and shabby chic decor. Larissa from Prodigal Pieces shares with us her step by step instructions on how she transformed a rather boring tea cart.

The first step involved sanding down the cart and adding a lovely coat of stain called sunbleached. So often when we think of stain we think darker colors, but in this case, the stain became the perfect backdrop for her next step. Larissa used a lace tablecloth to add a texture element of flowers and lace.

It turned out wonderfully and added charm to the teacart. Once the wheels were painted she added some text and then a piece of painted pressed tin to set off the dishes inside the cart. Larissa shares a wonderful example of vision, painting, and modernization to her tea cart. A lovely project Larissa, thank you for inspiring us all.

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