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Unique Small Space Kitchen Storage

If sufficient space is an issue in your small kitchen, check out this creative solution from Roxanne at The Honeycomb Home.

Hanging Olive Basket

Using a pulley system and unique objects for baskets, Roxanne has devised a method to store small kitchen items and have them handy to grab at a moment’s notice. One of the nicest things about her system is that now her counter space can be used for other things or remain beautifully clean and uncluttered. Once you see how well this system works, you may want to bring the idea outdoors and use your baskets to display flowers or other plants on your porch.


The pulleys make it easy to transfer plants and keep them watered and in the ideal location for the amount of sunlight they require. Whether you use the system indoors or outdoors, this is the perfect small space solution for anyone looking for a practical idea that will enhance a rustic or farmhouse decor.

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