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New Beginnings for a Reupholstered Chair

Often times when we change our paint and carpet the chairs in the room suddenly stick out like sore thumbs. One of the easiest solutions to making the chair fit into a new decor is to reupholster the chair. Rhoda from Southern Hospitality Blog shares her makeover of an elegant dining room chair into a fun, football themed side chair.

With some new fabric, a staple gun, and some paint, Rhoda turned a worn out looking chair into a functional chair ready for game day. Her detailed pictures show the removal of the fabric and the addition of the new fabric. Do not be surprised if you find horse hair in the padding when you remove the old fabric. Horse hair stuffing is quite common in older furniture. If the padding is in poor shape, high-density green foam, from a local craft supplier, will work as a replacement.

Although the chair has taken on a new role away from the dining room table, it will do a great job adding a bit of whimsy to your decor on game day.

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