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Ultramodern Dining Room Chair Makeover

Having a chair that no longer matches an updated room can easily be reworked with some paint and new fabric. In the case of this dining room chair, Rebekah from Anastasia Vintage added a texture element with three different types of paint.

Her base coat was applied using silver which she stated that this was meant for a modern decor. Her second layer was applied with a sponge. She explains that she chose this method to hide any blemishes in her painting technique. She explains her sponge application and provides a tip that the less going on the sponge the better. Too much paint on the sponge would make globs on the surface to be painted. Her final coat involved sponge painting as well.


She made that note that another reason she liked texture painting is that she could paint over the whole piece if she did not like the way it turned out. This would be a good technique for someone new to painting to try. Like Rebekah states, if you don’t like the way it looks, just paint over it.

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Friday 6th of October 2017

Love the idea of sponge painting to hide imperfections! Thanks for sharing.

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