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The Best Ideas For Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Halloween, along with Christmas, makes up the two holidays with the most decorations. For Halloween, people deck the inside and the outside of their houses with everything from fake spiderwebs to headless ghouls. Here are some ideas for your outdoor Halloween scarefest.


Clever Halloween lights

Clever lights make your front yard Halloween ready. Home Edit

This display of Halloween cheer takes traditional decorations and turns them into something even spookier. Its use of red, green, and blue light bulbs – all of which are placed in spotlights – are designed to make the headstones and spiderwebs stand out. Without the lights, these decorations would be pretty standard. The lighting is what makes this truly special and rather creepy.

Non-spooky Halloween decorations.

A fun display that isn’t at all spooky.Home Edit

Sometimes Halloween decorations are more festive that eerie. If you have small children who might be easily spooked, there’s no reason to go over the top with the fright fest. Instead, keep the decorations family friendly. Here, a happy Jack-o-lantern, some inflatable Disney characters, and even a cheerful tombstone and pumpkin combo make this a friendly Halloween sight, not one that will give your neighbors nightmares.

Fake spiderwebs and clever lighting.

Fake spiderwebs and clever lighting are all that you need. Home Edit

These decorations are simpler than most, as they consist mainly of fake spiderwebs and standard lighting. The trick here is the way in which the spiderwebs are arranged – they frame the walkway to the house, so that trick or treaters (and even regular visitors in the days before Halloween) have to walk through them to get to the front door. This adds a special layer of disturbingness to them.

Foam and wooden tombstones in a front yard.

Turn your front yard into a (fake) cemetery. Home Edit

Another simple display turned creepy, thanks to the realistic-looking headstones. Most stores sell decorative tombstones that resemble the real things, but are made from wood or foam, like these. However, crafty homeowners can make their own headstones with some creativity and a little paint. When it comes to placing these in a yard, the more the merrier – or should it be scarier?

Red lightbulbs make for great decor.

All that this house needed was a set of red lightbulbs. Home Edit

Two words: red lightbulbs. These outdoor decorations aren’t really “outdoors” at all. Instead, they are located inside of the house, with all of the decor in the windows. The silhouettes of zombies, witches, skeletons, and creepy black cats are made more visible, thanks to the red lights that illuminate them. This set up is fairly simple to arrange, and inexpensive when compared to other ones.

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