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Dollar Store Halloween Mini Vases

mini pails final

When I was browsing through Wal Mart looking for inexpensive décor that I could re-vamp into my vision of a metallic and elegant Halloween, I came across these mini treat pails. I’m not sure what their original intention is, since they are much too small for trick-or-treating, but they are perfect for Halloween mini vases!

candle holder

The mini pails came in two flavors- jack-o-lanterns and cauldrons.

candle holders

I decided to paint them all slightly different, so they could be scattered across my tablescape and add dimension.

mini pails final

One pumpkin is white with a gold face, the other is silver with a white face. One cauldron is gold and the other is copper.

mini pails

I painted all of these with craft paints that I had in the house, but if you want to do this project I would recommend using spray paints for quicker and more even coverage.

mini pails

Stuffed with black flowers, candles, or battery operated tea-lights, these little mini vases are one of my favorite metallic additions to my halloween décor.

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