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Five Of The Most Attractive Color Combos – And How To Use Them Properly

Choosing paint colors is sometimes the hardest part of decorating. You need a color (or two) that goes well with your furniture and curtains. Then, as if picking a single color wasn’t tricky enough, there comes to trouble of picking two complimentary ones for the same room. While some colors will always go together, you do need to be careful, lest your living room permanently look like Christmas is coming, thanks to your decision to paint it both red and green. Here are a few subtle color combos, as well as a few tips.

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Black and White

Black and white

Black and white is classic. Laurel and Wolf

Black and white make up a classic color combination that tends to be stark, if not done right. In order to keep your black and white living space from being filled with extreme contrasts, consider adding some colors that meet in the middle. The walls and flooring can be white, the furniture can be black, but the accessories are where the difference lies. If you’re a fan of modern art, add in some bright colors, while shades of gray, like in the pictures here, add some warmth.

Blush and Beige

Blush and beige

Blush and beige is subtle. Laurel and Wolf

The color blush and beige are very soft, warm colors, so when they’re paired together in a space, they create a very soothing scene. The colors work great with other warm accents, such as lighting that creates a yellow-ish glow and warm, off-white walls. Natural wood in a variety of shades works well here, too, especially when you consider that it will bring in some additional warmth. This doesn’t mean that you can’t add in some modern touches though. The tables seen in the pictures above are quite modern, yet fit perfectly into the space. You just don’t want to go overboard with the modernism. Think classic, instead.

Lavender and Charcoal

Lavender and charcoal

Lavender and charcoal can transcend the seasons. Laurel and Wolf

Speaking of colors that seem like they won’t go together, lavender and charcoal gray create a study in contrasts. Lavender is such a sweet, springtime color on its own that too much of it can become overkill. The addition of gray here brings in some contrast, a little masculinity, that it helps tone down the lavender. Consider pairing the duo with other neutral colors, as seen here.

Orange and Blue

Orange and blue

Orange and blue doesn’t need to be bold. Laurel and Wolf

The combination of orange and blue doesn’t need to be saved for sports teams. When paired together properly, they can add some sophistication to a room. This duo actually works well together in the real world, as long as the hues are toned down. Rather than go straight for a bright orange and blue, pair burnt orange walls with deep, almost navy blue accents like curtains and chairs. Adding in some neutrals, like black and white, keeps the space from becoming too much.

Pink and Green

Pink and green

Pink and green are always classic. Laurel and Wolf

The color duo of pink and green has some preppy overtones that make it compete with pink and blue, albeit with a twist. As seen here, the salmon pink banquette and the forest green chairs are in the same slightly muted category. If you were to use this throughout an entire room, consider putting one color on the wall and with the other serving as an accent. Imagine deep forest green walls paired with salmon pink accessories, or vice versa.

Yellow and Teal

Yellow and teal

Yellow and teal work well together. Laurel and Wolf

Yellow and teal are one of those color combos that seem as if they won’t work well together. However, if you stick with shades of mustard or murky yellow, as opposed to bright versions of the color, and pair them with a smoky teal, the two work together perfectly. Learn more about what color teal is here.

While you wouldn’t want to use one as a paint color and the other for curtains (that would be too much) when paired with an off-white wall and some natural wood, the colors meet in the middle as complimentary accessories and furniture.

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