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How To Choose The Best Lighting Fixtures For Your Bedroom

Lamps not only provide much needed light to darkened rooms, but they are a crucial part of the room’s decor. You shouldn’t take just any lamp that you have handy and place it in a room without checking to see if A) it throws off enough light and B) it complements everything else in the space, from your furniture to paint colors. These two things need to be kept in mind when you’re buying lighting fixtures in a store as well. Here’s a quick break down of some popular lamps and lights, as well as a few tips on how to use them.

Traditional Bedside Lamp

Bedside lamp

Bedside lamp The Spruce

This is the type of lamp that most people think of when choosing one for their bedrooms. You really can’t go wrong with something this traditional, although you are hampered by the fact that these lamps need to be placed on pieces of furniture, such as nightstands and dressers. On top of that, they look best when paired together, so you’ll need to either get two matching lamps – one for each side of the bed – or pick two that can coexist peacefully in the space. (That’s code for: they should match in some fashion, either by lamp shades, base colors, or size.)


Colorful Hanging Lamps

Colorful pendant lamp

Colorful pendant lamp Design Lovers Blog

Hanging lamps with colorful shades can definitely add some dimension to a room. They do require a little extra time to install, since there are hooks that will have to placed in your ceiling to support them, not to mention that some models need to be hardwired in. If you go with ones that just plug into an existing socket, you also need to think about where those sockets are placed in the room, and how long the fixture’s chain needs to be in order for it to hang at the right height. There are a lot of factors here, the least of which is the color of the lampshade!

Modern Hanging Lamps

Glass fixtures

Glass fixtures add a modern twist Design Lovers Blog

Hanging lamps with a clear or slightly tinted glass globe work well with a variety of spaces, but throw off a lot of light. If you’re the type who likes to read in bed, these are the fixtures for you! Since the shades on them are clear, you won’t have to worry about them matching the colors used in your room, although they shouldn’t really be used in houses filled with traditional or antique furniture, as the design styles will clash.

Simple Pendant Lights

White pendants

White pendants go with just about any decor Design Lovers Blog

Simple pendant lights like these are very universal. They have white or neutral colored shades and standard bell shapes, both of which go well with a variety of home decor styles. You really can’t go wrong with these types of fixtures!

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