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DIY Cabinet With Tin Doors

Adequate storage space is a huge problem for most of us. If there is a way to create more storage that is truly attractive, then most of us would leap at the chance to do what Ashley and Whitney from shanty2chic did.

DIY Cabinet With Tin DoorsThey created a beautiful coffee cabinet using sections of thin tin for the doors of the cabinet. They provide us with a video of the process as well as free downloadable plans for the project. There is also a complete supply list and great detailed photos and diagrams for every step of the way. The faux tin panels they used for the doors of the cabinet are readily available online or in your local home store. Ashley and Whitney explain exactly how they painted the tin panels and distressed them to give the doors an antique look.

DIY Cabinet With Tin Doors

They also give sources for finding the same hardware they used to complete the project.

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