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How To Create Your Own Curtain Rod

Curtain rods range in price from a few dollars for simple ones to hundreds for fancier designs.

A visit to any home decor store can illustrate just how difficult it can be to find one that both fits your decorating needs and your budget at the same time.

However, you can make your own curtain rod fairly easily, simplifying the process.

Here’s how:

Step One – Gather Your Materials

Electrical conduit

Electrical conduit makes a great curtain rod. House of Hepworths

There are several things that can be used to make a curtain rod, including a wooden dowel, thin water pipes, and even electrical conduit.

However, the material that you choose should be lightweight, sturdy, and long enough to work. You also need some brackets and screws to attach the rod to the wall, as well as paint, and any tools necessary.


Step Two – Cut the Curtain Rod Down to Size

Pipe cutter

A pipe cutter is an easy way to slice the conduit down to size. House of Hepworths

Once you’ve purchased you’re materials, the next step is to make the curtain rod.

You’ll have to measure the length of your window and add a few inches onto each end in order to make the curtain rod look right.

Measure the pipe or conduit several times (just to be sure) before using a pipe cutter to slice it down to size. These pipe cutters are easier to use than other tools, and make the process relatively painless.


Step Three – Add Some Paint

Paint with Rustoleum

Paint your new curtain rod. House of Hepworths

Paint it the perfect finishing touch for your new curtain rod.

Choose something that complements the rings that attach the curtain to the rod, as well as one that works with everything else in your room. Since you’ll be painting metal (in this case) go with Rust-oleum, since it’s very durable.

Make sure to paint the brackets and screws as well, unless you want them to stand out in the finished product.


Step Four – Purchase Your Finials

Ikea finials

Add some finials. House of Hepworths

Finials are the decorative parts found on the end of the curtain rod.

The most common ones look like glass globes or orbs, although some resemble leaves.

There are plenty of designs available on the market – most of which are fairly inexpensive – so choose the ones that go best with your decor.

You’ll also want to measure the diameter of your curtain rod to ensure that the finials will fit on the ends.

Step Five – Hang Your Curtain Rod and Curtains

Hang the curtain

Hang the curtain rod – and the curtain. House of Hepworths

Once you’ve chosen your finials and allowed all of the paint to dry on your new curtain rod, the next step involves hanging everything.

Start with the brackets, measuring carefully to get them in the right place. Use a level to ensure that they’re even. Once they’re up, put the curtain (adding rings if you have to) on the curtain rod, then slide it into the brackets.


Step Six – Add the Finials

The final touch!

Add the finials. House of Hepworths

Attaching the finials to the curtain rod is the final step. If they seem a little too big for the curtain rod, wrap some electrical tape around the ends in order to keep the finials snugly in place.

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Johna J Meyer

Friday 27th of October 2017

Love these ideas need curtains for bedroom and already have pipe cutter. Your right easy tool to use.

Jo Ann

Tuesday 24th of October 2017

I love this post. I hate spending money on curtain rods. I made my own recently because I couldn't find what I needed. In my guest room, one of the windows ends almost at the wall, so a rod with a big finial wouldn't work. I used PVC pipe (but next time I will use a wooden dowel or metal piping) and spray painted it. I walked around a home improvement store until I could find something to use as a finial that would work. I found rubber tips that go on the end of a cane. Perfect! I spray painted those too. I save a ton of money and I am very happy with the way they turned out.


Tuesday 24th of October 2017

Great frugal trick for curtain rods! Such a clever tutorial.

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