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Behr Green Paint Colors: 15 Best + Guide

behr green colors featured image

A color category that is trending for good reason is greens. They’re calm, poised, life-filled, serene, timeless, and extremely versatile.

Yes, either in natural or artificial ways!

Whether you reside deep in the city or somewhere away in the woods our countryside, greens of all variations will make your home feel alive.

And in a good way!

And with Behr green paint colors, you have endless options to choose from. 

I’m talking from warm sage greens, cool blue greens, watery greens, pine greens, emerald greens, herbal greens, and stark greens.

Some Behr greens are neutral whereas some have more color to them.

And it all boils down to your ultimate style and personality!

In this Behr’s green color guide, I’m going to reveal all the where and how of this color while giving you my absolute favorites. 

Here we go!

Green – The Color of Nature and Earth

behr greens in nature

Just like with Behr blue colors, greens tend to offer a timeless experience in any design style.

Whether it’s the light, minty, and airy greens or dark and bold – the greens can easily merge into any color palette.

The characteristics of these colors can also vary from design to design and function to function.

But all in all, this color category is versatile and is so hard to disappoint!

For instance, the greens with yellow or brown undertones might appear warm, earthy, and confined.

Whereas the greens with either blue or gray undertones come out as cool and refreshing. 

Yet, they’re all greens!

You can use either of these types in across all the spaces in your home – depending on the overall size, sunlight directions, and existing architectural elements. 

Don’t worry – I’ll get into this a bit but first, let’s discuss the various other important color terminologies that will help you choose the best Behr green.

Tints, Tones, and Shades of Greens

behr tints tones shades greens

Ever heard of these terminologies before?

If not – let me acquaint you with what they are!

And believe me, these terms have a major role to play in color psychology and our home’s color design.

‘Tones’ are basically the results formed by adding gray to a green paint color!

And greens are one of the most popular colors to tone.

In this case, if you add more grays to greens, the result will be a subtle tone of neutral green that can change its appearance.

It’s almost like a chameleon, playing both green or gray depending upon the lighting conditions.

On the other hand, ‘Tints’ are the amalgamation of white with a green paint color.

This will simply make that green paint color lighter.

You might simply call a tinted green a light green!

And lastly, ‘Shades’ are the results formed by adding black to a paint color.

This will make the color bold and dark – like pine greens or green blacks in our case here.

Light Reflectance Values – The Specifications to Know

behr greens LRV multiple

Light Reflectance Value is an important term to know in the world of color and painting. 

Light Reflectance Values or the LRVs are primarily the values that determine how light or dark the paint color is overall.

Let me tell you a secret here:

It’s always important to analyze this value before you nail down and settle on a green paint color.

With this versatile color category, that could either be calm or dark, you can always expect the LRVs to range somewhere between 5 to 75! 

You have to remember to examine these swatches under various lighting conditions to know how they’ll truly feel – whether light or dark.

Trust me here!

The same paint color may look lighter in one room and darker in another. 

Even compass directions have a major role here.

Generally, in north-facing rooms, the green paint color may feel more grayish-green and cool.

(Playing with green grays here can be challenging).

Whereas in the south-facing rooms, the green color may feel true to the undertones and slightly creamy and soft.

The east and west-facing rooms can be challenging since they have an unequal share of natural light distributed throughout the day.

Never forget to try samples in these kinds of spaces.

Because, you see…

Lighting Matters

behr green lighting differences

Lighting plays a tremendous role in Behr’s green paint color and your home.

Since some have dominantly blue, gray, or brown/yellow undertones – the green paint colors can magically flaunt a certain tone in different lighting conditions. 

How so?

Whether in the form of pendant lights, chandeliers, or wall sconces – the saturation and type of bulb has a major role to play in defining the vibe of a room.

With greens, I highly recommend that you either pick warm whites or neutral whites for your bulbs. 

It can work for one and all kinds of the above-mentioned greens.

Remember to use warm white light in bedrooms as well as living rooms and great rooms to further help them appear cozy and comfortable. 

You can even work with cool white light depending on the task areas of your home.

Think: Kitchens.

You can use white lighting over the island for chopping, dicing, and cutting or in your home office and study areas to help with alertness and focus.

Lastly, natural sunlight is always bliss!

So, if you can naturally let the rays enter – it’s the best complement to Behr greens.

Behr Greens in Interior and Exterior Design Styles

front door painted behr green

Behr green paint colors work phenomenally well on pretty much any interiors. But not quite as well on exteriors.

Well, of course, you can consider greens for exteriors but it can be more restricting depending on your home’s architectural style.

It many cases, it’s best to let grasses, tree leaves and other plants handle greens naturally.

Now that we’ve discussed the wide array of greens (light and dark, varies in undertones, and light reflectance values) – it’s a must to know that neither fits one for all.

For instance, lighter minty greens and gray-greens work best for a coastal, modern farmhouse or traditional design styles.

Meanwhile, the darker pine greens are a great fit for modern, Hollywood glam, contemporary, and mid-century modern interior design styles.

Best Places to Use Behr Green Paint Colors

behr green painted cabinets

Behr greens are especially attractive, and they make a wonderful statement in any corner of your home.

But I’ll stress, only if used cohesively!

Generally, lighter and medium-toned greens (with an LRV ranging in 50, 60, and 70) can be used on all the walls of your rooms.

If you’re choosing a darker green (with an LRV below 30), consider using the paint color as an accent on the built-in shelves, cabinets, and accent walls.

Greens play wonderfully on the wainscoting, doors, and wall paneling as well.

Best Behr Green Paint Colors

Here come the most awaited topics to talk about!

Below, I’ll share a few of the most popular as well as my personal favorite greens from Behr paints.

Let’s get started!

5 Most Popular

Behr Bitter Sage

behr single bitter sage chip

Behr Bitter Sage is a neutral gray-green paint color that holds immense depth.

It can make a wonderful statement on the cabinets and built-in shelves.

With an LRV of 34, this color falls on the medium to the dark side of the scale – so, it must be used in medium-sized or larger rooms.

This paint color may come off flat and dull in a room with little light – so, be aware of where you plan to use it!


I recommend pairing this color with Behr Ultra Pure White on the ceiling, trims, and moldings.

Here are some other color specifications you must get acquainted with!

Red = 151

Green = 161

Blue = 141

HEX Value = #97a18d

Behr Aspen Aura

behr single aspen aura chip

Behr Aspen Aura is a perfect blend of blue-green-gray color that offers a refreshing vibe indoors. 

With an LRV of 34, this color is equally bold and dramatic. 

I’ll tell you now, it should be used only as an accent on the walls and cabinetry.

This Behr’s green color beautifully works with darker hardwoods like ebony, walnut, or mahogany.

To make your room feel warmer and softer – use warm whites and beiges to pair with this color.

For the ceiling, don’t hold back from using Behr Ultra Pure White.

As usual, it is important to understand the associated RGB and HEX Values that are as follows:

Red = 131

Green = 164

Blue = 148

HEX Value = #83a494

Behr Amazon Jungle

behr single amazon jungle chip

This is a slightly different type of green since it’s warm, cozy, and EARTHY! 

Unlike the green grays and blue greens, this particular color feels heated and must not be used as an accent on the walls, cabinetry, or vanity.

With an LRV of 13, this color is immensely dark, bold, and dramatic.

So, remember that it may feel quite dingy and subdued in smaller rooms or rooms with little incoming natural light.

Photo by BEHR® via Houzz

Pair this color with Behr Ultra Pure White on the ceiling and trims.

It is now time to look through the color details and specifications to know more about it!

Red = 104

Green = 103

Blue = 71

HEX Value = #686747

Behr Palm Breeze

behr single palm breeze chip

Behr Palm Breeze is a minty green paint color that feels quite light, airy, and refreshing.

The best characteristic of this green paint color is that it can be perfectly paired with red exposed brick as well as the hardwood with any stains.

I must say that’s one of my more adored combos!

You can use this paint color on all the walls of a room (whether small, medium, or large).

Secondly, this paint color can be used on your bathroom vanity, kids’ play areas, as well as laundry room cabinets. 

It has an LRV of 74, which falls on the lighter end of the scale – thus, can be used as a base.

Here enlisted are the important associated RGB and HEX Values that you must know!

Red = 219

Green = 226

Blue = 201

HEX Value = #dbe2c9

Behr Eucalyptus Wreath

behr single eucalyptus wreath chip

It’s never a bad idea to introduce green paint colors in your kids’ rooms.

Yes, look at how beautifully this color makes a statement on the wall paneling here.

Behr Eucalyptus Wreath is a neutral green-gray paint color that shares characteristics with pine green color. 

With an LRV of 27, this color is bold and dramatic and can pair beautifully with crisp whites on moldings and ceiling.


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You must pair this color with dark hardwood accents and shades of mustard, beige, and pink.

For the ceiling – choose Behr Ultra Pure White!

I recommend understanding the associated RGB and HEX Values to know more about the color specification!

Red = 136

Green = 146

Blue = 126

HEX Code = #87917d

5 Next Popular

Behr Jojoba

behr paint JOJOBA info

Behr Jojoba is a calm and serene green-gray paint color that feels soft and sumptuous when used in a room.

This color will exhibit a calming vibe while relaxing your mind – after a long day at work.

With an LRV of 47, this color must be used as a base on all the walls of your room.

Also, note that it looks slightly lighter when used as compared to the swatch.

It pairs with natural woods and has a slightly yellow undertone to warm your spaces. 

Behr Dragonfly

behr dragonfly color info 1

Behr Dragonfly is a cool blue-green color with deep gray undertones. It has slightly more blue than green but under certain lighting conditions, it can appear greenish.

This color has an LRV of 26, which means it’s dark and can be used on the accent of your vanity and shelves.

This is a cool color and feels quite muted and subdued when used in the north-facing rooms.

Behr Laurel Tree

behr paint laurel tree info

Behr Laurel Tree is a warm sage green color that feels quite saturated and the opposite of neutral and subdued. 

This paint has more color to it and less gray.

With an LRV of 29, you can use it as an accent on the focal walls or focal furniture. 

Pair it with Behr Ultra White on the ceiling, trims, and moldings. 

Behr Breezeway

behr paint breezeway info

Behr Breezeway is a cool and refreshing minty green paint color that feels quite icy and chilly.

In the north-facing rooms, this paint can showcase a deep gray and green look but with also a failing blue undertone.

Since it has an LRV of 66, you can consider painting all the walls of your room in this color.

Behr In the Moment

behr in the moment color info 1

Behr In the Moment is a teal green color that feels quite Eclectic, rich, and soothing at the same time. 

This color has an LRV of 30, which means that you can use it as an accent on the cabinetry and focal walls.

Generally, hardwoods and pampas grass work amazingly with this paint color on board. 

5 Hand Picked Favorites

Behr Dark Everglade

behr paint dark everglade info

This is my personal favorite pine green paint colors because of the rich, luxe, and sumptuous look.

It can be overwhelming so you must allow this color as an accent only. Yes, it has an LRV of 8 only.

This shade of green can also beautifully pair with shades of beige, creamy off-white, mustard, and blush pink.

Behr Back to Nature

behr paint back to naure info

Behr Back to Nature is a yellowish-brown green paint color that feels earthy, warm, and extremely cozy.

This green color has an LRV of 48 which falls on the medium end of the scale. 

Avoid this color on all the walls of a smaller room since it may feel dull and dingy.

Behr Cottage Hill

behr paint cottage hill info

Behr Cottage Hill is a saturated green paint color with faded gray undertones. This color is less neutral – hence, making a perfect accent on the walls and even furniture.

This paint color has an LRV of 43 which can considerably add character and a feel of nature to any space.

I highly recommend that you pair Behr Ultra Pure White with this color on the ceiling and trims.

Behr Summer Green

behr paint summer green info

Behr Summer Green is a calm and soothing green-gray color that feels absolutely serene and tranquilized.

This is a paint color that you’ll never regret! Yes, whether you plan to use it on the cabinets or the walls of your room.

This color also has an LRV of 54!

Behr Garden Spot

behr paint GARDEN SPOT info

Behr Garden Spot is a bright and stark herbal green color that can be a difficult color to play with.

It’s stark and might only work wonderfully on the furniture frames or wall paneling of your kids’ rooms or play areas. 

This color has an LRV of 54!

Inspiration and Examples


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Behr Eucalyptus Wreath is a calm and quite sage green color.

It really pairs beautifully with shades of pink, woods, and gold.

Behr’s Mother Nature can be a tricky green paint color to work with but it does work well for most interior surfaces.

Walls, yes! Cabinets, yes! Paneling, yes! 

Behr Green Tea is a calm medium-toned green interior paint color.

It’s dances beautifully with browns and deep toned reds, such as mahogany floors.

Behr In the Moment is a tranquilizing blue-green color that can be painted on the ceiling, trims, and walls for a modern and sleek look.

Behr Equilibrium is a dark and dramatic pine green color which exhibits a luxe and rich look in any space. 

I mean, talk about Wow factor, here!

How would I sum everything up?

Behr has some beautiful green paint colors that you simply can’t deny once you start digging into them.

You can see that some green colors have dominant gray, blue, and some gray undertones! 

Because of this, it’s important to analyze the color features, palettes, and overall appearance to learn how they’ll truly appear in a space. 

So, did any of the above-mentioned Behr green paint colors intrigue you? Or prime you to learn even more?

If so let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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