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An Uncommon Accent Chalkboard Frame

Have you ever seen a vintage frame and thought, “What would I do with that?”, and then walk off leaving it behind? I have, and now thanks to Lisa at Celebrate Creativity, I know what to make with a frame. Her chalkboard frame project is not only be functional, but will add a sense nostalgia to your home.

How many of us remember cleaning the blackboards to earn favor from a teacher? Do you remember taking the erasers outside to clap the dust from them? Lisa explains how she cleaned the frame and then painted a piece of wood with chalkboard paint. She adds an important note to her instructions.

Seasoning is a simple and very necessary step anytime you paint your own chalkboard.

To season it, you cover the entire chalkboard in chalk, and then wipe it off with a dry cloth. I personally had no idea that chalkboards needed seasoned. This was very interesting to learn.

With step by step instructions provided by Lisa you too will be able to make a chalkboard frame for your home. This chalkboard would look great in a playroom, kitchen, or an office. A bygone era now added to your home decor.

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