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14 Mossy Crafts for Spring


Monograms are always in fashion! A large letter makes the perfect wreath for your front door. “JOY” would be the perfect door hanger for the Easter season.

And your mantle, bookshelf, or desk needs a touch of Spring with mossy, green letters. Try “LOVE” for Valentine’s Day or “HOME” for the end of the school year.

DIY moss decor

mossy JOY wreath, moss S, hanging S wreath, mossy HOME letters


Although topiaries may remind you of your grandmother, they are always in style. They stand tall with elegance no matter where you place them.

And the benefit of DIY topiaries is that you can combine them in various shapes, sizes, and arrangements.

The traditional topiary stands parallel on either side of a mantle. But add a simple mossy ball beside a tall one to offset the symmetry. Consider arranging your green shapes in a hurricane vase, large jar, or wide bowl for a modern look.


Easter holiday is the highlight of the Spring season! Fashions, weather, and decor all transition from cold and dreary to vibrant and cheery!

Why not use your fresh moss to cover a basket for Easter. Imagine how much the colorful eggs will stand out against the muted green moss.

Children are sure to adore a little bunny or chic that’s made of greenery, a perfect addition to your Spring displays or front porch.


Swap out your photos and frames for an updated look. A simple chalkboard is given a new life and character by adding moss to the frame. Instead of a traditional bouquet of flowers, offer a Spring moss frame. Cover the inside with your greenery and attach a simple flower with leaves.

It’s sure to add a statement to your home, and would be an excellent hostess gift for all Spring entertainers.


I was first inspired to research DIY moss decor from my sister-in-law. She got a large, mossy wreath for her home that was simply adorable. For football season she added a bright orange bow (Go Vols!). For summer she decked it out with a mini umbrella. For Christmas she placed a manger onto it.

Every new holiday brought a cute new decor item. And that’s when I discovered this moss board with a teal key – love it for a pop of organic earth and flashy color! And then the bird houses with mossy roofs – how charming! And the moss bunting was just too much – I wanted that in my home!


Spring is on it’s way (yes, I know it’s hard to believe in some parts of the country!), but it’s the perfect season to add organic moss to your home!

Move beyond the simply front door mossy wreath, and cover baskets, frames, and decor with your favorite moss. It’s simple, refreshing, and a must-have for Spring. Where do you use moss in your home?

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Courtney @ A Diamond in the Stuff

Saturday 25th of February 2017

Thank you fo including my bird house! Also, the spring banner is mine as well! Looks like that blog did not cite their sources!

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