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14 Creations with Concrete

concrete decor

Concrete may seem bland and boring to you at first glance.

But some of our favorite designers have creatively incorporated concrete into their homes and gardens! You’ll never think of cement as stark and dreary after you see these nifty projects!


Kitchen tables, foyer consoles, or outdoor bistro tables. I would never think to use concrete as a tabletop. It seems so heavy and, well, solid! (I suppose solid is a good quality for a table though!)

All of these tables have tops of concrete, providing a sturdy and safe surface that will never scratch or dent!

Did I mention that they each are easy DIY projects with simple instructions?

concrete tables

one, two, three, four, five


Concrete in Your Garden

Naturally we assume that concrete should be outside. But skip over sidewalks and driveways, head to your garden! This simple DIY concrete firepit will completely change the atmosphere of your backyard.

Can you smell the toasted marshmallows and feel the warmth already?

Add a whimsical feel to your flower beds with a mini fairy home made from a cement block. Or, opt for modern garden spheres for an extra design element.


Concrete Decor in Your Home

Even if your style isn’t modern, concrete can still mesh into your design plan. The concrete and piping shelves have a naturally rustic feel, while the concrete pendant lamp reminds me of being outside.

Adorn your side tables and bookcases with a concrete bowl, cement vase, or concrete candle holders.

Don’t forget the concrete drink coasters! (Just be sure to include a layer on felt on the back so you don’t scratch up your furniture). Don’t like the color of cement gray? Remember that you can paint concrete!

Concrete is coming back in style! Do you decorate your home with concrete? Maybe your kids could paint cement fairy blocks with you.

Add a new table to your patio with a concrete top. Or get creative and try something new!

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