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13 DIY Advent Calendars That Are Non-Traditional, Decorative, and Inspiring

DIY advent calendar

I am naturally a planner and always keep a well organized calendar, which probably contributes to why I love Advent Calendars!

They not only count down the days to an exciting event (Merry Christmas!), but they also are decorative and interactive.

Get ready to creatively craft a DIY Advent Calendar! Go non-traditional with one made of a shoe organizer.

Add a rustic Advent Calendar to your home decor collection using stained wood and metal buckets.

Add elements of coziness with a ladder or plush ornaments. Bring winter nature into your home with sticks and twigs.

And of course, feel free to use all of the wrapping paper, ribbon, bows, ornaments, snowflakes, and sparkles as you’d like!

The beauty of these DIY Advent Calendars is that you can personalize them to fit your home and customize them to match your personality.

Envelopes, packages, boxes, envelopes, or ornaments all make excellent numbers to count down the days until Christmas!

1. Chalkboard with Paper Bag Advent Calendar

If you have a rustic, antique, chic style, then this is the Advent Calendar for you! Simply string some paper bags along some twine with mini clothespins.

Hang the lines along your chalkboard. Then let your creativity flow!

You can chalk a design for the holidays with “Merry Christmas”, your favorite holiday movie quote, or a traditional bible verse.

Whatever the design, this  Chalkboard Advent Calendar will look great in your home!

from bloglovin

from bloglovin

2. Shoe Organizer Advent Calendar

Who would have imagined that a plain white shoe organizer could be transformed into a festive Advent Calendar?

I love how this craft is simple. You can paint, draw, or attach numbers to each pocket. Add ribbon or fabric along the edges.

This would be great to hang on the back of your front door or on the door to one of your kid’s bedrooms.

Because the pockets are large, you can fill them with pieces of paper, small gifts, and maybe even some big treats, too!

3. Wooden Tree Advent Calendar

If you’re like most crafters, then you probably have some extra wood and paint lying around in your garage or craft room.

One main piece of wood for the frame, and a few horizontal ones cut in gradual lengths will create this wooden tree Advent Calendar.

After the clothespins are attached, you can experiment with what to hang.

This looks adorable with paper bags and printable numbers, but I also think small envelopes, mini ornaments, and snowflakes would look fantastic, too!

4. Ladder Advent Calendar with Envelopes and Ornaments

Ladders are charming no matter what is on their rungs.

Swap out your seasonal blankets to create a Ladder Advent Calendar. String some ribbon with clothespins to create the basic format.

Then, like pictured, add envelopes and ornaments for a holiday feel!

5. Mini Boxes Advent Calendar

Craft store always boast oodles and oodles of cute little boxes. Pick a shape!

Squares and rectangles are traditional, but don’t be afraid to splurge on hearts, Christmas trees, or even snowflakes.

The boxes can be painted, wrapped, or left in natural cardboard.

Draw numbers, attach numerical stickers, or glue on printables in your favorite font. And don’t forget the little details!

Beads, ribbon, feathers, twigs, and berries are small enough to fit on the boxes while added a big splash of style!

Leave the boxes loose, toss in a basket, or attach to a board in a festive tree design.

Mini box Advent Calendars look charming, and will be irresistible to the tiny hands of little children!

6. Rustic Bucket Advent Calendar

Farmhouse Christmas decor will not be complete without the addition of a rustic bucket Advent Calendar! First of all, these little buckets are adorable.

When you add the clothespin with a creamy piece of paper, they become darling. String along a piece of twine, and the look is complete!

7. Plush Ornament Advent Calendar

Grandparents and kiddos will equally fall in love with this Plush Ornament Advent Calendar.

Search at your local dollar store and crafts stores for their discount bins.

Surely you’ll find the perfect plush ornaments for this project. Paint on the numbers for a child-like style, or iron on patches for a more sophisticated look.

Either way, what’s not to love about this playful Advent Calendar?!

8. Ladder Advent Calendar with Mini Buckets

We already covered how to transform your ladder for Christmas. Swap out the blankets for buckets!

Rusted or painted, the buckets will help your home have a country feel for the holidays.

9. Bucket Advent Calendar

Oh my, I think this bucket Advent Calendar could hang on my wall all year long!

The little red numbers add a pop of holiday color, the stainless steel buckets are sparkly, and the stained wood is warm.

Personalize the board with a holiday word, like “Joy” or “Love.” Be adventurous and add your favorite seasonal quote or even a spot for your annual family Christmas photo!

from our vintage home love

from our vintage home love

10. Twig Advent Calendar with Mini Presents

I have a thing for twigs and sticks that have lost their leaves for the winter. They are striking yet natural.

Hunt down the perfect twig in your backyard for this DIY Advent Calendar.

First of all, make sure the twig is sturdy. Tie an assortment of ribbons to the twig, and attach various gifts to each ribbon. The mis-matched look is comfortable.

The red and white color scheme is perfect for Christmas! And the fun-shaped gifts will be a daily adventure to unwrap!

11. Christmas Tree Shaped Twig Advent Calendar

Remember how I just said I have a thing for twigs? This DIY Advent Calendar means that I can hunt for multiple twigs to complete this Christmas tree shaped ensemble!

The little bags are perfect to dangle between the branches and the quaint star on top completes the look.

12. Envelope Advent Calendar

Stunning and simple is the best way to describe this Envelope Advent Calendar. A board or canvas creates the perfect backdrop.

Attach various envelopes in the colors of your choice. Seal with a sparkly number.

This calendar functions as an exciting countdown while being decorative at the same time!

13. White Envelope Advent Calendar

Similar to the last calendar, a wooden board, canvas, or foam board create an excellent form for this envelope Advent Calendar.

Attach the envelopes in rows and columns. Seal with a simple sticker. Decorate with a few ornaments, and your refreshing white Advent Calendar is complete!

Advent Calendars traditionally count down the days to Christmas with bible readings and prayers.

Recently, it has included seasonal activities to do, a treat to enjoy, or a Christmas memory to make.

These DIY Advent Calendars can be decorative and inspiring while helping you and your family get into the holiday spirit!

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