Decorative Mirror from Toilet Paper Rolls

Meghan from Happiness Is… Creating finally decided to jump on board the toilet paper roll art train. While it may be hard to consider toilet paper rolls an art form, the pliable cardboard proved to be the perfect material for recreating the petal-like look of a mirror Meghan loved. The carefully arranged cardboard pieces have an amazingly similar effect to the wrought iron of Meghan’s inspiration, and her mirror only cost fifteen bucks instead of one hundred and fifty!

toilet paper roll mirror

Meghan was inspired by the Dahlia Wall Mirror from Crate & Barrel.

dahlia wall mirror

Go to Happiness Is… Creating for the tutorial.


  1. SUCH a creative and fun idea for wall decor. Beckie what can you suggest if I want to give a rustic feel to the mirror?
    Great work!

    • Hi Eva, Maybe use a glaze or chalk paint it and then sand the other color off to see the first color. Best of luck!

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my project! 🙂

  3. Very creative, but a knock-off (that looks identical) to the Dahlia CB mirror was selling at Costco a few months ago for $19.95. I bought one. The box indicated it was for outdoors and was in the garden/yard decor area. It’s very nicely made and looks great indoors.