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Periodic Table Kids Wall Art

Emma from Simply Cosy has made her grand entrance into the world of blogging with a knock off project!

She sweetly made her nephew his own periodic table of elements after her sister marveled at the one from Land of Nod.

Emma drew the periodic table on canvas using brush tipped markers, attached wood trim to the top and bottom, and then added twine for hanging.

Now Emma’s nephew can diligently study his elements! (Hey, his dad’s a chemist. You never know…)

Periodic table kids art

Emma was inspired by the Periodic Table (Periodic Chairs Not Included) from Land of Nod.

Head over to Simply Cosy for the tutorial.

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Thursday 6th of October 2011

my 13-year-old sister has a periodic table hanging in her room, and she actually does study it. She's had it for a couple years and I think she's got most of it memorized...what can I say, my family's nuts :)

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