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Uncommon Accent Terrarium Table

One of the best things about being unique and having your own sense of style is the ability to add extraordinarily decorative accents to your home. Elsie and Emma from A Beautiful Mess took inspiration from Stacy Risenmay, at Not Just A Housewife ,and created this elegant side table for their living room.

You might look at this and think that upkeep on the succulents inside may prove difficult, but the good news is the succulents are fake. With a detailed list of supplies and step by step instructions, the end table will go together quite easily.

Elsie provides a good tip to keep the sheeting over the plexiglass to prevent scratches to the Plexi-glass during construction. This end table will surely add to a modern decor and offers a customized fit based on what you like for plants. Have a green thumb? Add real succulents and let your passion for plants run wild in this wonderful terrarium end table.

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