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Super Back-to-School Organization DIY Lockers

With the kids going back to school, homes can be chaotic in the morning and afternoon. Build your own mudroom to keep shoes, jackets, and backpacks neatly organized and within easy reach. These ideas are great for the inspiration you need to build your own.


Photo: Lockers

This vibrant set of lockers is great for a small family.

Photo: Lockers

If 3 lockers is not enough for your family, you can also add additional lockers. This design was made for a small classroom but could be modified to fit your family size.

Photo: Mud Room

If you don’t have the space or time to build a full set of lockers, a set of coat hooks and a place to keep boots are all you need to have your own little mudroom space.

Photo: Entry

This family used the coat hook idea but added a cushioned storage chest to the area.

Photo: Entry

A place for everything and everything in its place. Before you set out to build your own mudroom, be sure to take a complete inventory of everything you will want to store and have handy.

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