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Transforming IKEA into Pottery Barn

The right furniture can transform a room, but sometimes that furniture itself needs to be transformed. Pottery Barn makes great pieces, but they come at high prices, and it’s possible to follow in Cory’s footsteps on Sawdust2Stitches and transform IKEA shelves into a stylish dresser. Using old shelves and some wood, along with varnish and lattice strips to complete the look, anything is possible. You’ll need some tools to get the job done efficiently. You should look into getting a nail gun, compressor, sander, table saw, and miter saw if you don’t already have them. With a little elbow grease, a lot of measuring, and some aesthetic touches, you can transform cheap shelves into an apothecary dresser.


This was actually Cory’s first attempt at upcycling furniture, and though it took a couple tries, the results are stunning!


If you want to give your own IKEA rescues a makeover, you can follow Cory’s process step-by-step on

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