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5 Ways to Transform Your Master Bedroom Into a Relaxing Spa

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Turning your master bedroom into your own private spa won’t cost you a fortune. Follow these tips to transform your bedroom into a professional-looking spa with minimal effort and cost.

1. Install a towel warmer (or two)

Towel warmers are essential for creating a spa atmosphere in your master bathroom.

It’s rough getting out of a hot shower or bath and stepping into the cold. A towel warmer ensures your ability to wrap yourself up in the comfort of warm towel before drying off.

There are several types of towel warmers to choose from. The most common type is hydronic.

A hydronic towel warmer works like an oil-filled radiator heater. It’s plumbed directly into your wall, and water is heated and circulated through the rails and bars. A hydronic towel warmer will heat your towel, and the area around it, too.

Electric towel warmers are slightly more elegant. They can be mounted anywhere on the wall or free-standing. And since they don’t rely on circulating water, the designs can be slim and sleek to match any décor.

Some are designed in geometrical shapes. Electric towel warmers can be hardwired into your home or plugged in.

Hard wiring your towel warmer will provides a seamless look, but you’ll need to hire a licensed electrician to install it. Plug-in units can be self-installed as long as you know how to mount hardware.

As an alternative to a wall-mounted towel warmer, you could install a warming drawer if you have the space for a spa cabinet.

2. Get bamboo shades

Bamboo isn’t just panda food. It’s a beautiful wood that has come to symbolize everything natural and relaxing.

Adding bamboo shades to your master bedroom will reinforce the feeling of being in a professional spa when you come out of the bathroom.

Since the color of bamboo naturally varies, bamboo shades come in a variety of colors and textures.

Some bamboo shades are naturally multi-colored, and some textures look woven. Bamboo shades can be designed to let more or less light in, and although they aren’t designed to block the light completely, you can get a blackout liner if you need one.

Nothing will help you relax more than adding natural elements to your master bedroom suite.

3. Trade your bathtub for a soaking tub

Whether you go for a traditional Japanese soaking tub or an Americanized version, having a tub big enough to submerge yourself in is essential to your well being.

You’ll need at least 27” to submerge yourself up to your neck. Some tubs are big enough for two or more people. If you’re short on space, you can get a taller, shorter tub for one.

According to Dr. Mercola, heat can improve your immune system, detoxify your body, increase growth hormone levels, regulate blood sugar, and help you sleep better.

Traditional Japanese soaking tubs are one way to achieve these benefits on a regular basis.

Used in Japan for centuries, soaking tubs have been used as an indoor extension of a hot springs bath. It’s a ritual not for cleaning oneself, but relaxing and detoxing.

Traditionally, you bathe prior to entering a soaking tub.

A soaking tub will also look great with bamboo shades and other Asian décor.

4. Decorate with a natural theme

Get rid of those white, plastic coated shower caddies and replace them with something more elegant like built-in shelving.

Shower caddies, by design, are functional, but will detract from the overall elegance of your bathroom.

For your bedroom, think about what would be relaxing to see when walking out of your master bathroom.

Choose your décor with natural materials in mind. For example, if you’ve already got bamboo shades, add some art with bamboo frames.

Replace your slick, solid-colored wall shelving with more natural looking wood shelves. Get a matching night stand and dresser in a natural looking wood finish.

Change your bedspread to a natural color to match your new décor.

5. Add a massage chair to your room

If you’ve got room, put a massage chair in your bedroom.

Part of the spa experience is getting a relaxing massage after a hot soak in the tub. If you can’t afford to hire a private masseuse, a massage chair is the next best thing.

Make your master bedroom your relaxation suite

There’s no better investment than investing in your well being. Do what’s needed to turn your master bedroom into the relaxation suite you’ve always dreamed of.

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