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Creative and Functional Christmas Card Display Wreath

Undoubtedly, you’ve started getting a steady stream of Christmas cards arriving in the mail.

Instead of stacking them on your counter or crowding them on your mantel, why not display them in a festive fashion via a little inspiration from Pottery Barn?

Tamara of Provident Home Design was inspired to turn a wreath from the craft store into a card holder.

Tamara simply bought a 24” wreath from Hobby Lobby for only $5 with a coupon and then separated the two wires to slide the cards into place. How easy is that?

Tamara says, “I can’t think of a better way to keep friends and loved ones close to your heart during the holidays than to display their season sentiments in a holiday wreath.”

DIY Christmas Card Wreath Holder

Tamara was inspired by the Wreath Card Holder from Pottery Barn.

Personally, I think Tamara’s version is much prettier and definitely more festive.

Although the Pottery Barn version can work year round for other “mail sorting” purposes there’s no doubt that creating a project that’s both “Christmas decor” AND a benefit to your home organization during the busy holiday season is a nice thing.

wreath card holder from pottery barn

Go to Provident Home Design to read all about how to make your own this Christmas!

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