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Timeless and Treasured Buffet Table

It is a wonderful feeling when you find a piece of furniture that speaks to you. It is an even better feeling when that piece of furniture has all its parts working. This buffet table does not fit the last description of functional. However, that did not deter Bre from Brepurposed.

Her and her husband ran into some definite issues salvaging this beautiful piece of furniture. With some elbow grease and a friend with the right saw, they were able to overcome the obstacles standing in their way. Bre explains how she sanded down and fixed all the difficult parts prior to painting the piece.

Her effort reminds us not to let little obstacles stand in our way of achieving the success we desire when doing things ourselves. Do you have a piece of furniture you have been avoiding due to some obstacles? Read Bre’s article for inspiration. It will help motivate you towards getting your furniture piece painted and put into service. P.S. I love the paper in the drawers.

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Thursday 10th of August 2017

Gorgeous! Gonna go check out more details!

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