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Cool DIY Camper Van Conversions for a Comfy Trip

Looking for the right camper might be a long, hard, and expensive journey. Why not convert an old van or bus into a camper instead?

Not only will you save a few bucks, but you’ll also be able to modify your camper van to your personal needs and the needs of your family.

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1. From Rusty Van to Cozy Home

Photo: Good Home Design (unfortunately the site is no longer working!)

The team over at Goods Home Design found this amazing camper that used to be a rusty old work van.

This project was completed using only materials found at the local hardware store which saved the high dollars that might have been spent at a speciality camper or van store.

This van includes 100W solar panels in the roof and a surround sound stereo system.

2. Primitive Camper Van

Photo: Good Home Design

This camper van conversion is intended more for the campers who prefer to rough it a little bit (and save more money).

Minus the plumbing and electricity that the previous camper van had, this design is for sleeping and cooking with portable stoves.

If you pull this baby into a campground that comes with electricity, you can still run an extension cord to run your radio or fan while enjoying the comfort of the loft bed.

3. Minimalist Camper Van

Photo: Used Victoria

For simple camping without heavy modification, check out this mini van camper conversion.

The bed frame is easily removed and lifts up to provide extra storage beneath the mattresses.

Attach an additional shelf for a quick cooking surface.

This van is ideal for travelling across the country while sleeping and showering at truck stops or rest areas.

4. Comfy Camper Van

Hook up a simple plumbing system and a generator and your camper will be as comfortable as your bedroom (or more).

Add some personal decorative touches and it can feel just like home.

This camper includes a handy little kitchen bar with a sink, microwave, fridge, and ample storage space.

5. Every Square Inch

When designing your own camper van, you can save a lot of money by sifting through old campers and RV’s in junkyards.

Make use of every square inch in your camper van, including vertical space and under the bed.

6. Ready to Go

Make double use of your limited interior space by creating furniture that is convertible.

In this camper van, the bed folds up to a dining area and two bench seats.

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Tuesday 22nd of August 2017

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