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Sherwin Williams Ancient Marble Color SW 6162 – The Serene Green

sw ancient marble paint color review

If you are planning to specify SW Ancient Marble for your next design project, this article will be extremely helpful for you.

I have some exciting color details to share that you would absolutely want to know about.

Excited already? Well, I am too!

When we design a space, and it’s time to decide upon a cooler-hued color palette, the first colors that pop to mind are blues and greens.

And it’s true, hues in these colors do provide us some pretty cool cool colors!

But what happens is an inevitable dilemma of choosing the perfect cool-colored hue. 

Should it be green or blue? And within these, light-toned or dark-toned?

If you’re here, you might be narrowing your choice down to a green.

Whew, we got that far.

And, if you love plants and love elements associated with biophilia and more natural-toned colors, green is possibly the best option for you.

Greens of all tints and shades are soothing, smooth and happen to unintentionally tranquilize your mind.

And when you talk about serenity, the Sherwin-Williams Ancient Marble color is one of the leaders in the game.

ancient marble swatch

The subtleness of the color is highly preached by designers and homeowners around the world, and its easy to why when you look at all the possibilities this color offers.

You’ll find this one in: Residential, Cultural, Spas, Hotels, Healthcare and many more applications.

There are various advantages that this color plays to – but before that, let’s jump in to some basic color details and specifications.

Sherwin Williams Ancient Marble SW 6162 – Details and Specifications

sw ancient marble wall picture

Painted on a wall with natural light. You can see the effects of light here.

Ancient Marble comes from Sherwin-Williams’ 2016 Pura Vida color collection. It has been widely popular ever since.

Falling on the lighter end of the color wheel, the Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of this green is 60. This makes this green especially great for smaller spaces.

If you’re not quite sure how this color will work in your home, you should definitely try it on for size by ordering a peel-and-stick sample from Samplize.

Ancient Marble is ideal for smaller apartments and tiny lofts – an amazing space-enhancing trick!

This color holds a hint of green without any blue undertones. Because of this, this paint color can also be counted as a subtle neutral.

Diving further into the details, the RGB and HEX Values are as follows.

R (Red) = 209, G (Green) = 204, B (Blue) = 185

HEX Values = #d1ccb9

Effects of Light on Ancient Marble

sherwin williams color line up

Laurel from SoPo Cottage shares her journey with this paint color. The sample on the right is Ancient Marble

Choosing a perfect color for your prized space can be a daunting task.

I highly recommend considering the size of your rooms, the compass directions for sunlight considerations, the size of the windows, and the function of that space.

You wouldn’t want to be stuck in a darker-hued room with smaller windows with limited to no sunlight.

Despite that not being an attractive sounding space, we all have at least one spot in the house like this.

Ancient Marble would be fine here but with an LRV of 60, it’s right at about the limit. You wouldn’t want to go any darker.

Alternatively, a huge room with massive windows and plenty of sunlight gives you various dark-shaded color options to make the space feel cozier and smaller.

This paint color would work well painted in areas like this as well.

ancient marble living room

Chas over at A Woman’s Haven, used Ancient Marble on her living room. It’s clearly the best part of the room!

Once you apply Ancient Marble on a wall, you’ll see the magic for yourself – the crispness adds what I’d call a bit of a “glam” factor.

But only in the sense of it making it feel like a high-end place like spa resort or natural history museum. We’re not talking loud “glam” here.

It is important to know that a color may appear to seem different in the day and night. And the same is the case for Ancient Marble.

Daylight offers brightness and makes your walls painted in this color come alive.

At night time, darker light sources make your Ancient Marble walls smoother and darker.

So, remember to use appropriate artificial lighting – wall scones and pendant lighting to further enhance the color and celebrate the beauty it brings.

One way to help find out how this color looks in your home is to buy some temporary wall samples and put them up wherever you want to paint. You can get these easily from Samplize.


sw ancient marble paint picture

Beautiful Ancient Marble on the walls of a Renovated Home – As shared from Heather at Objective: Home.

Ancient Marble Vs. Similar Colors

I understand it might get really confusing when choosing Ancient Marble from its similar-looking counterparts.

However, don’t let the guard down!

With the right amount of information and details, you will be able to easily classify the colors and their specifications for your home.

One such sample that I get asked most of the times is the difference between Sherwin Williams Ancient Marble and Simple Stone (SW 9521).

SW Ancient Marble Vs. SW Simple Stone

am vs sandstone Wow, these are pretty close right?

Frankly, I too get confused between these two! Their similarity primarily lies in the undertones – but you know what makes them different?

The brightness levels!

Simple Stone has an LRV of 57 which is lesser than Ancient Marble that is 60. Even though it doesn’t differ much in numbers, but with ample lighting – it really will look different!

I highly recommend you order the color swatches and compare the two colors. You will see the magic for yourself!

To see how these look in your home, get some large wall samples and try on your walls with different lighting sources.

SW Ancient Marble Vs. Sedate Gray

Moving on to the next, Sedate Gray (SW 6169) is another competitor in the line.

am vs s gray

As the name suggests, Sedate Gray is more inclined towards the neutrals with gray highlights.

So, it is a cool neutral!

Even though it highly reflects the green tone, the color somehow seems to look neutral when embellished on walls.

Sharing a similar Light Reflectance Value of 60, you might not have to worry about the particular brightness values. Instead, focus on the functions and uses.

Yes, I understand they look the same and that’s why I suggest visiting the nearest Sherwin Williams Store to have a real-time look.

However, there is a singular similarity that both the hues share – utter sophistication and elegance.

To truly experience and compare these colors in real-time be sure to buy some stick-on samples and test them in your home.

What are the Coordinating Colors for SW Ancient Marble?

SW ancient marble paint strip

Sherwin Williams Ancient Marble may seem like an easy color to work with – but it may not be always true. 

This is actually a warm sage green paint color (very different from SW Sea Salt and SW Rainwashed due to the deep underlying yellow-brown undertones.

This color feels quite warm and may even look muddy in certain spaces and lighting conditions.

So, to best complement this warm sage green paint color is the shades of cool gray, whites, dark sage greens, shades of brown, taupe, tan, and beige.

In terms of metallic accents, I highly recommend that you avoid satin brass and antique brass (that might blend with the color) and choose something that protrudes and creates a contrast.

Yes, oil-rubbed bronze and matte black would totally vibe with your space.

Here are the following two color palette suggestions – monochromatic and coordinating (cool and warm)!

Monochromatic Color Palette

SW paint color multi ancient marble chips

The complementary colors for the monochromatic palette are as follows – 

  • SW 6163 Grassland
  • SW 6164 Svelte Sage
  • SW 6165 Connected Gray

This palette can be quite earthy and warm! So, beware how you plan to choose this color for the walls, ceiling, and decorative accents.

It can be quite monotonous – so, until you have the style and personality for it – don’t go for it!

You can blend the matte black finish for the accents to break the monotony!

Contrasting Warm Color Palette

SW paint color multi ancient marble warm chips

The complementary colors for the contrasting palette are as follows (warm) – 

  • SW 7005 Pure White
  • SW 7051 Analytical Gray
  • SW 7645 Thunder Gray

If you like the feel of warm contrasts, choose the blend of warm grays, off-whites, creamy whites, and warm sage greens to go!

You must choose the shades of wooden textures on the furniture frame and accents to play the ultimate contrast.

Yes! This is the most natural and earthy palette you could play with!

Contrasting Cool Color Palette

SW paint color multi ancient marble chips 1

The complementary colors for the contrasting palette are as follows (cool) – 

  • SW 7005 Pure White
  • SW 9178 In the Navy
  • SW 7667 Zircon

Too much warmth is not vibing, right? Well, don’t worry! Take a taste of cool blues and grays to blend in.

Especially on the furniture fabrics and decorative accents, choose the shades of gray and blue to prove to be a great analogous color palette. 

You must choose the rattan and wicker natural material textures for the lighting fixtures and various artifacts to style with.

Now if you plan to use this timeless shade, it is important to understand the colors that best complement it.

All cool neutrals with a warm accent are what we are looking for here.

great pairing colors sw6162

Whites and Off-whites are the best to go! I highly recommend using Dover White (SW 6385) for trims, Nonchalant White (SW 6161) as a base and Sun-Bleached Ochre (SW 9011) as the accents.

If you want a bold and bespoke look – add darker tones like Eclipse (SW 6166) as an accent to create a monochromatic feel.

Say a big no to other cooler hues like midnight blues and charcoals!

Coordinating Decor

am living room stl


Sherwin Williams Ancient Marble has warm undertones, and that’s why it would play a wonderful statement with architectural elements that have a warm undertone.

However, due to the deep muddy undertones – the game can be quite a challenge for you.

But don’t worry – I am going to make it easier for you!

First and foremost, this color can be dominantly used for interior design styles like contemporary, modern, modern farmhouse, and bohemian.

If you’re planning to install flooring with this color, consider the hardwoods that either have a warm brown or yellow base or even Mahogany!

I would ideally choose natural stone like marble or tiles in a white base with this paint color.

It will definitely soothe the warmth of the paint color and make the room feel more serene and calm.

Meanwhile, for the lighting fixtures and furniture – I would highly recommend a wooden base or something in powder coating black. 

Satin brass finish would be a good option but it can readily blend with the existing panorama – thus, not making a bold statement in the room.

With SW Ancient Marble on the walls, you must choose shades of gray or off-white for the furniture fabric.

sw ancient marble coordinating flooring

Here are the links to the flooring that works well with SW Ancient Marble –

sw ancient marble coordinating furniture

Here are the links to the furniture that works well with SW Ancient Marble –

sw ancient marble coordinating accents

Here are the links to the decorative accessories that works well with SW Ancient Marble –

Where Should You Use this Color?

SW single ancient marble chip 1

Using in Living Rooms


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A post shared by Kim Booth Smith (@the_blue_craftsman)


In the living rooms, this color can be used on all the walls or even the focal wall.

It’s important that you pair the color with a neutral that doesn’t peek through any undertones. For instance, choose an off-white or light gray for the furniture and accent chair fabrics.

You could also choose wood or matte black finish for the furniture as well as lighting fixtures.

Using in Bathrooms


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A post shared by Painter Lady (@painter_lady_)

This humble muddy sage green paint color can do wonders in the bathroom!

Firstly, it can relax you and calm you – and truly make that intimate space an ultimate haven for relaxation!

Just pair this color with clean whites on the trims and you’re good to go!

Using on Exteriors


This color would definitely not disappoint you on the exteriors!

It can be paired with creamy whites on the columns, trims, and window frames – and make the muddy color even more fascinating!

And do you know other main characteristics of having this color outdoors? Well, it simply blends with the surrounding panorama.

Best Way to Try Out This Color?

I have to share one of my favorite tips when testing out colors like Ancient Marble – go and order a peel-and-stick sample from Samplize.

This company has an amazing way to sample colors super conveniently with real paint.

Simply stick up a temporary square sample of it and avoid the whole paint and roller mess (at least until you’re ready!).

For a small amount of money you get a giant “sticker” you can place up in the space you’re painting. You can also try out coordinating colors as well. It’s great!

And the results have always been great – with people more satisfied with their lives, leading a happy and healthy life!

Greens have that magic to it – and you wouldn’t know until you see it!


What color Is SW Ancient Marble?

Sherwin Williams Ancient Marble is a muddy sage green paint color that has quite a warm and earthy feel to it. 

Is Ancient Marble warm or cool?

Sherwin Williams Ancient Marble is definitely a warm-toned paint color – under all the lighting conditions.

What are the undertones in Ancient Marble?

Sherwin Williams Ancient Marble has deep yellow and brown undertones to the existing green and gray blend!

Place this swatch next to SW Sea Salt and you’d feel how warm this paint color is!

sw ancient marble pin

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