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Reuse & Recycle Furniture for your Kitchen


Repurposing old furniture or reconstituting damaged household fittings can save you the cost of buying new kitchen furnishings.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to reusing or recycling furniture for a kitchen.

Read on to see just a few examples!

From Clothes Storage to Kitchen Storage

You could repurpose an old dresser as an island, increasing storage and counter space in your kitchen.

To create this design, you’ll need to cut off the old wooden top before attaching a pre-cut countertop with an acrylic caulk.

Lastly, you may wish to add a coat of paint to add vibrancy and flare.


You can also increase storage by adding vintage wooden shipping containers.

The primary value in repurposing such containers is the cordial and homely look they can add to a kitchen’s aesthetic.

Outdoor Furniture for a Unique Take

Simply moving outdoor furniture inside can give a unique, rustic look to your kitchen. For instance, worn yet sturdy patio chairs could prove a fresh and stylish addition.

Alternatively, there are many ways you could recycle old fittings to create new facilities and furniture for your kitchen.

For example, an old wooden baby bed, crate or another type of wood-based container could be cut to size, where necessary to act as anything from a footrest to a storage unit.

Aged Fencing for a Truly Rustic Look


Another interesting concept involves cutting off a section of five to six wooden fence boards from old fencing.

With nails or hooks driven into them, this recycled fencing could be used to hang a whole host of items from pots & pans to cutlery to keys.

Old skateboards attached to a wall could be used to store items such as cookbooks or to act as a very distinctive spice rack.

Making Your DIY Kitchen Remodel Easier


You may wish to remodel your kitchen either partially or entirely as a DIY job.

With the average cost of new kitchen being around $6,300, the more you do yourself, the less you’ll need to spend on hiring a contractor.

You’ll have to figure out in advance what you can do yourself and what work you’d like a professional to perform.

Of course, it is possible to significantly remodel a kitchen all by yourself, but you’d need to be quite creative with your approach and it could take some time to complete. You’d also need access to a lot of materials to reuse and recycle.

If you have the time and skills, you may wish to create a more complex fitting such as a TV stand.

Fittings like a timber TV stand could be made from old wooden boards whether taken from a disassembled shed, crates or otherwise.

This will be more time consuming than say a quick repurpose or furniture recycling job, but it could save you quite a bit of cash, plus it will leave you with a discernible kitchen feature that you can be especially proud of.

The options are truly endless when it comes to these types of DIY jobs.

For more ideas, you should Google the terms ‘reuse furniture for kitchen’ and ‘recycle furniture for kitchen’ as there are 1000s of fascinating ideas waiting to be found.

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