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Why Replace Your Ordinary Glass Window Pane With Acrylic Glass?

For as long as we can remember, conventional glass has been the only substance used in window constructions, but of the late Acrylic glass or Plexiglas windows are becoming increasingly popular among consumers seeking an efficient, secure and easy to mount alternative to the standard glass.

However, why would you go for windows with acrylic plastic sheets instead of regular glass?

There are quite a few explanations for this, and we’re going to list here our top four.

Acrylic glass reduces UV harmful effects.

Acrylic glass reduces UV harmful effects.

Light is a vital aspect of life, and in particular, the very core of an illustrative piece of art.

Yet too much of it, or should we say the “detrimental kind,” may lead to damage that can expedite the fading, discoloration, or even the complete ruining of all sorts of artifacts, including the portraits, written material, journals, textiles, and so much more.

The culprit here is the Ultraviolet-radiation— the one whose frequency is well beyond the visible spectrum of violet.

Sun’s rays are the primary source of UV rays that are harmful to all paper works, photos, specimen archives, historical items, portraits, and other collectibles.

UV Shielding Products such as Acrylic glass or Plexiglass are frequently used to filter out UV rays from visible light.

Removal of ultraviolet radiation from processing, storage, and showcase zones are sure to reduce the risk of degradation of the items and artifacts amassed or displayed there.

Although UV filtering media is frequently used in window installations and galleries, realistic home solutions are also present in the form of acrylic sheets with UV blocking effects that can be used while framing artworks and portraits instead of conventional glass.

Better shatter resistance as compared to ordinary glass

Better shatter resistance as compared to ordinary glass.

On being impacted, Plexiglass panels have shown to have a much stronger shatter-resistance when compared with a glass-based window of similar thickness.

Since it takes exceptional strength to develop a crack in an acrylic window, so even if it breaks under an adverse circumstance, the material doesn’t disintegrate into a million shards as normally is the case with glass— which further curtails the risk of injuries due to the piercing of sharp fragments.

Plexiglass screens are suitable for households with kids and pets because their playful activities could pose an elevated risk of glass fracture or breakage.

Also, if you reside in the places where the climate is a bit erratic, and tornadoes and hailstorms are regular features, it is imperative for you to invest in sturdy window glazing materials such asacrylic glass that can take any impact head-on, thus offering adequate protection to your property and loved ones from the nasty situations and probable damages.

Plexiglas is more durable than ordinary glass

The glass has always been the norm and primary component in the commercial as well as residential window constructions for as long as we can remember.

However, with changing times, we see a consumer shift towards Plexiglass acrylic sheeting, which can be attributed to the growing awareness and concern amongst the businesses and homeowners regarding safety and protection issues.

Plexiglass provides the same look and style as that of a glass (or probably better), and most certainly a better strength— all this and more at a cost that is hard to beat.

Acrylic panels are highly sturdy and durable, bearing unmatched resilience to crack formation and shattering.

They offer an additional layer of security that is not possible with conventional glass, which makes the latter highly prone to disintegration upon the slightest impact.

Public buildings, ATMs, federal prisons, detention facilities, government departments, and all other such establishments requiring the highest level of security frequently rely on the sturdy Plexiglass to protect the organizations and their inhabitants.

Since the acrylic glass is much lightweight than the conventional glass, it is simple to mount and highly cost-effective too.

Further, the exceptionally high degradation and abrasion resistance characteristics make it one of the toughest plastics that is known to last really long.

Acrylic glass is available in versatile colors for a better look

Acrylic glass is available in versatile colors for a better look.

You might not be aware, but Plexiglass is available in a wide range of color options— and not just a standard clear one.

Red, blue, bright green, violet, ochre, and chocolaty brown are some of the frequently used tinted panels for window installations.

Apart from these, unique fluorescent-colored Plexiglass, alongside white and white panes are also an absolute rage.

Installing anti-glare acrylics eliminate undue reflection and brightness from the frame, and the use of frosted Plexiglass enables light to penetrate inside your home, while at the same time shielding it from intrusive stares and spying eyes.

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