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Entryway Bench from an Old Dresser

Dressers definitely have a shelf life, if you’ll pardon the pun. Drawers can really only last for so long and those wood finishes go out of style more quickly than you would think! Geoffrey from Photokapi inherited a dresser from his in-laws that was already quite old, and then he used it for a few years before deciding to give it a new life. He decided to make it an entirely new piece of furniture by taking off the top two rows of drawers and adding a base on top of the old drawer supports. Some trim, a coat of paint, and a pretty bench cushion and this dresser is a whole new piece of furniture!

This was the dresser before its makeover.

This is the dresser turned bench, perfect for an entryway or foyer!

Take a peek over at Photokapi to see the full build.

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