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Rast Nightstand In A Snap !

One of the best thing about DIY is taking something that looks complicated and making it simple. Instead of always starting from scratch, you can often take a pre made piece of furniture and add to it. This is exactly what Laura from The Turquoise Home did when she wanted the Rast Dresser from Ikea.


She needed two for a bedroom remodel, so she transformed a pre-made nightstand into the Rast nightstand. Using lattice strips and molding Laura explains how she built in the bottom of the dresser first.

This allowed her to then attach the lattice strips to the drawers. With the addition of stained wood pieces on top, her nightstand was completely transformed from ordinary to extraordinary. This is a great project for beginners looking to tackle a furniture project. With great instructions and good pictures from Laura your first project will also be a success !

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